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Wed, Feb 21, 2024

Alex Lifeson on the 40th anniversary of Rush's 2112 in new NPR interview

Sat, Apr 30, 2016@9:54AM | comments

2112NPR has posted an extensive article on Rush's 2112 album, which recently celebrated the 40th anniversary since its release. NPR's Adrien Begrand spoke with Alex Lifeson about the album's inception, the recording process, how it was received by fans and what it means to Rush's legacy:

... "I'm very happy with [2112]. Of course, I want to re-do the whole thing, just like all our records. When I go back and listen to the original record, I feel really proud of it. I can still remember how I felt at the time we were making it, and how important it seemed, and how satisfied we all were when it came together. We felt we played really well on it, and the recording experience was fantastic. We were such a real team holed up in that studio of Terry's [producer]. "When other bands cite us as an inspiration or an influence, [the theme of 2112 is] what they're talking about, more than anything. I've often read when we're mentioned as an influence for a band they'll say, 'We're big Rush fans, because they did it on their own, they did it their own way, and that told me that I could do the same thing. If I stick with it, persevere, I can do things the way I want them to be.'"

The piece is titled All The Gifts Of Life: 40 Years Of Rush's '2112' and you can read the entire article online here. In celebration of the anniversary, earlier this month Rush released this video adaptation of Tom Hodges' 2112 comic (from the 2112 Limited Super Deluxe Edition) set to the music of the entire 7-part, 20-minute 2112 suite: