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Sun, Jul 14, 2024

Follow the West Side Beemer Boyz on Instagram on the R40 Live tour

Sat, Apr 25, 2015@10:50AM | comments

West Side Beemer BoyzThe West Side Beemer Boyz is the moniker given to Neil Peart and his crew of BMW motorcycle riding partners, including Neil's friend and member of the Rush tour security team Michael. On the Clockwork Angels tour we were able to follow their adventures on the road via the West Side Beemer Boyz Twitter feed at @praetorianx1. Michael has now also set up an official Instagram page for the West Side Beemer Boyz at this location, and he and Neil will be using this page along with the Twitter feed to post photos and updates as they travel across the country on Rush's upcoming R40 Live tour. There are already a couple of great photos posted including this one of Neil, Lorne, Michael and others from a few weeks ago, and this one of Michael in all of his new BMW gear. If you want to interact with the West Side Beemer Boyz on Instagram, use the hashtags #WestSideBeemerBoyz and #variablecrew.