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Mon, Jul 15, 2024

Geddy Lee Speakeasy episode stations and air times

Thu, Feb 19, 2015@3:02PM | comments

Back on November 7th Geddy Lee taped an episode of the new PBS series Speakeasy and was interviewed by his friend, author Michael Chabon at the McKittrick Hotel in New York City. Geddy's episode (episode 5, the season 1 finale) began airing on several PBS stations over the last few weeks, but specific air dates and times differ depending on the station. The Speakeasy website recently began listing specific stations along with the air dates/times at this location (thanks JEFF), although it doesn't seem to be a complete list. In addition to the dates listed, the episode will also be shown this Sunday at 11PM on NJTV in the New York and Philadelphia markets (thanks PhillyMike). Here are the listings they have as of right now:

Albuquerque - KNMD - 3/5 at 7PM
Atlanta- GA Public Broadcasting; 3/1 at 2am
Atlanta - GA Public Broadcasting from World Channel; 4/19 at 7pm; 4/20 at 5am ET
Boston - WGBH from World Channel / New Hampshire PTV - 4/19 at 7pm; 4/20 at 5am ET
Bowling Green - WKYU - 3/6 at 7pm
Casper - Wyoming PBS -4/19 at 11pm
Chicago - WTTW - 4/19 at 6pm CST; 4/20 at 4am CST
Columbus - WOUB - 3/8 at 10PM
Corpus Christi - KEDT - 2/17 at 11PM
Dallas KERA - 4/19 at 6pm CST; 4/20 at 4am CST
Dayton - WPTD Think TV - 2/19 at 11PM
Detroit PTV - 4/19 at 6pm CST; 4/20 at 4am CST
Evansville - WNIN - 2/21 at 10PM
Indianapolis WTIU - 4/19 pm at 7 ET; 4/20 at 5am ET
Los Angeles KOCE - 4/19 at 4pm PST; 4/20 at 2am PST
Miami WPBT - 4/19 at 7pm; 4/20 at 5am ET
Milwaukee - Milwaukee Public Television - 4/19 at 6pm CST; 4/20 at 4am CST
Minneapolis KWCM - 4/19 at 6pm CST; 4/20 at 4am CST
Nashville - WCTE from World Channel - 4/19 at 6PM; 4/20 at 4AM
New York WLIW - 3/7 at 11:10PM; 4/19 at 7pm; 4/20 at 5am ET
New York - WNYE - 3/29 at 10PM
Orlando WEFS - 3/28 at 7pm ET
Orlando WUCF - 4/19 at 7pm; 4/20 at 5am ET
Philadelphia WHYY - 4/19 at 7pm; 4/20 at 5am ET
Phoenix KAET - 4/19 at 5pm MDT; 4/20 at 3am MDT
Portland - OR Public Broadcasting - 2/21 at 8PM
San Francisco KRCB - 2/25 at 9PM; 4/19 at 4pm PST; 4/20 at 2am PST
Seattle - KBTC - 2/26 at 11PM
Tampa - WUSF - 2/27 at 9PM
Tampa KAET - 4/19 at 7pm; 4/20 at 5am ET
Youngstown WNEO - 4/16 at 7PM; 4/19 at 9pm

If you know of any other stations/times, let us know in the comments. Note that the show is currently not available for viewing online. Back around the time of the taping posted this comment from Geddy regarding the interview:

"75 minutes flew by talking to one of my favorite writers and a truly awesome person" - Geddy Lee

The Speakeasy YouTube channel posted a couple of preview clips from Geddy's episode earlier this month. The first is a short clip giving an overview of the many topics discussed during the interview, while the second is a more in-depth clip about 3 minutes long where Geddy talks about how he and Alex Lifeson typically go about writing music. Speakeasy is also running a contest where the winner gets an official signed poster from the episode. For all the details and to enter go to this location (thanks cpb).

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