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Mon, May 20, 2024

Geddy Lee episode of Speakeasy to begin airing on select PBS stations tomorrow

Wed, Jan 28, 2015@4:39PM | comments

UPDATE - 2/19@2:46PM: The Speakeasy website now lists all the channels AND the date/time each one is showing the episode at this location (thanks JEFF).

Back on November 7th Geddy Lee taped an episode of the new PBS series Speakeasy and was interviewed by his friend, author Michael Chabon at the McKittrick Hotel in New York City. The first of the five episodes in season 1 of Speakeasy began airing on PBS earlier this month with Geddy's episode (episode 5, the season 1 finale) set to begin airing tomorrow on January 29th. Note that Geddy's episode only begins airing tomorrow. When it actually airs depends on the specific TV station, and you can get a full list of participating stations here. Check your local TV listings for specific air dates/times. It looks like some stations only started airing the series very recently, or are planning on airing it at a future date. So Geddy's episode may not play on your local station until a few weeks (or months!) from now. I actually haven't been able to locate any station that has it scheduled to air tomorrow night, so if you see any let us know. The show is currently not available for viewing online either. Back around the time of the taping posted this comment from Geddy regarding the interview:

"75 minutes flew by talking to one of my favorite writers and a truly awesome person" - Geddy Lee

The Speakeasy YouTube channel posted a couple of preview clips from Geddy's episode earlier this month. The first is a short clip giving an overview of the many topics discussed during the interview, while the second is a more in-depth clip about 3 minutes long where Geddy talks about how he and Alex Lifeson typically go about writing music.