Video premiere of The Garden from Rush's Clockwork Angels Tour CD/DVD/Blu-ray

Posted on Thursday, October 17, 2013 at 9:50AM

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#54 - Posted 10/22/13 @7:51PM by drummerboy2112

I know it doesn't matter to many that they win a Grammy and it doesn't matter to me either but he needs to direct the songs to be timeless, like 30 other rush tunes That anyone can name off the top of their heads
#53 - Posted 10/22/13 @7:46PM by drummerboy2112

To eshine, let me know when the producer of 'the garden' wins a Grammy For the song or the album.

Seems to me my version and his have the same exact probability of winning one
Which is zero, hence the reason I threw this out there, nick needs to go

Doesn't it bother anyone that he won a grammy with the foos and can't get there with his skills and the greatest rock trio ever? So who's fault is it the band or his? Or both? Hell I'm not even sure

Doesn't matter if it's sloppy, again, i did it in 2 minutes but it flows infinitely better than the original
To my ears anyways, and ill listen to mine more than the original
#52 - Posted 10/22/13 @2:11PM by eshine [contact]

You sloppily deleted the chorus of the song dude

I would venture to say a career in producing is not in the cards for you ;)
#51 - Posted 10/21/13 @11:42PM by drummerboy2112

I know this is going to get a *lot* of crap, but here it is anyways, I had to remix the Garden with what I thought was a better flowing tune. I know, I know, this is sacriligeous, but man, I couldnt help myself on this one. The song was too good to have it, in my mind, killed by these pre-choruses between the verses. I would have cut them out, they dont contribute to the flow or the song, to my ears anyways.


*flame suit on*

oh, and Ed has nothing to do with this, this is on my site, and it's essentially no different than the links posted by Ed by others who have remixed Rush tunes, tribute bands, to Jacob Moon to the Tom Sawyer remix from Small Soldiers.
#50 - Posted 10/19/13 @12:12AM by Pat [contact]

I'm coming to this clip late, very glad to find it after a day not checking RIAB. It seems like the comments are talking past each other a bit, with some people saying that Geddy's not singing his best and others saying "but he's 59 years old at the end of a 3-hour show." In any case, I'll buy the disc immediately upon release and I'll enjoy it immensely, but it's true that he goes flat on several parts of "The Garden," and I guess it's good to have a "real" document of a real show, but I do kinda wish they'd have gone in to overdub some of the parts. When you're in the emotion of seeing the live show, you might not notice much, but in the clarity of BluRay 5.0 whatever, these pitch problems are pretty egregious. And, yes, I know he's giving it his all and he's been going strong for a long time. I even think his vocals have improved over the past decade (compared to when I saw them in the 80s and 90s), so I think I am giving him the benefit of the doubt, and I'll always gladly listen even to pitchy Rush.
#49 - Posted 10/18/13 @9:39PM by rush21122 [contact]

to me, time machine wasn't needed... they could have skipped that.
#48 - Posted 10/18/13 @6:54PM by Liverpool 78

Sorry, of course I mean Rush IS a triumvirate.

#47 - Posted 10/18/13 @6:49PM by Liverpool 78

Rush are a triumvirate.

This isn't Geddy Lee and his backing band.

Listen to Rush, the whole Rush and nothing but the Rush.

If you get Rush then you're moved by EVERYTHING you hear. If you don't get it and can't roll with the changes after this band being together for nearly 40 years... forget it.

#46 - Posted 10/18/13 @5:57PM by John E. [contact]

@JohnnyTRacer: Nope...this song does not bring me to tears. No Rush tune brings me to tears to be honest. Its not that kind of band for me. The music of the tune sounds emotional enough but I don't relate to Neil's lyrics the way I used to when I was younger.

I feel very isolated from his viewpoints and politics. His atheistic rants put up a barrier for me. I still like to rock out though and as long as the band continues to do that, I'll listen.

The last time I was brought to tears by a song was Eddie Vedder's "Goodbye". I listened to it after I lost a friend to cancer and it hit a little too close to home. I can't help but think of the pain my friend's wife was enduring at the end of his life. F*cking cancer.

You know what? I take that back. If Rush ever played Hemispheres in its entirety I might be brought to tears out of pure joy.
#45 - Posted 10/18/13 @4:10PM by grace.pressure [contact]

I had thought the same thing about Geddy's voice and his timing, but not much to be done for it. Will still enjoy, and hope the rest isn't as bad.
#44 - Posted 10/18/13 @2:54PM by kjbird [contact]

#36-astroboy - Yup! "What he said". You nailed it. I remember years ago seeing some concert footage of James Hetfield (don't recall which tour/show) and thinking "man, some people should just stick with the studio". Probably too harsh on my part. But what I heard is no comparison to Ged's "off" days. Though Ged may be inconsistent; when he hits it out of the park, it's spectacular (example---TMT, Greenville, S.C. (and was consistent on the Cleveland DVD) when he sings "each of us, a cell of awareness-imperfect & incomplete....genetic blends, with uncertain ends" Freewill, it moved me to the point of tears. I remember turning to my brother and saying "did we just witness that"?? OMG. Those are the live moments I wait for. I'll echo the sentiment that live is different than the studio (obviously) and live, i'm personally not looking for perfection (from any of them, for that matter). What turns me on to Rush is the whole damn package - the entire sound, the synergy, the energy. Yeah, they goof up - they're human. That's what makes the live concert connection with the fans so special IMO.
#43 - Posted 10/18/13 @8:09AM by OpenSecret [contact]

Geddy sounds like Geddy. Sometimes perfect, sometimes not - been like that for years. Fantastic song, great performance captured for the dvd - bodes well.
#42 - Posted 10/18/13 @1:21AM by palidrummer11 [contact]

Ok I just watched it. What are you guys complaining about?!?!? He sounds great!!! Yes, he goes a little bit out of key every now and then, but this is SO MUCH better than I expected.
#41 - Posted 10/18/13 @1:18AM by deslock [contact]

Geddy's live vocals have always been hit and miss... even at his peak in~1980, he lacked control and was often off key.

My first tour was HYF, and he sounded terrible (wasn't screaming anymore, but he was still trying for a falsetto... and he was especially nasally). He started to sound a little better in the early 90s as he switched to singing in a lower register, but his voice was starting to show some wear by the mid 90s.

When the reformed in 2002, his voice had recovered a bit during the hiatus, and he actually sounded quite good on most songs (though not all... if you listen to some boots of Ceiling Unlimited, it's cringe inducing).

By the time R30 came out, his vocals were starting to deteriorate again (compare Resist from RiR to R30). He's sounded worse on each tour as wear and age has caught up to him (compare Between the Wheels from SnAL to R30). The vocals on Time Machine and at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame ceremony are pretty awful... he has more control these days, but he can't hit high notes at all.

My intention isn't to bash Geddy. He sings better than I would, and does well given that he wasn't born with a voice suitable for it. And IMO the live version of the Garden sounds pretty good. But it's a mellow song... I expect the vocals on most of the other songs to be less pleasant.
#40 - Posted 10/17/13 @10:32PM by musicofthespheres [contact]

nice post Astroboy.

Thanks Lance for making me smile (Dirk's still givin it to us baby).

A bit too many camera-switches for me, like others have said. Always my main gripe w. concert vids. However, I like the ceiling perspective. The camera panning behind the heads of 30th row dudes, though, will forever irk me.

Like very much the initial pan that includes Gump and the spare snares (or toms...). Like the close-ups on Al's 60 year old digits on the keys, and Neil's w. the sidestick.

If Ged's voice goes in and out, I really don't care. His voice is unique and a defining feature of Rush, and I like it. Much more important to me are the recording and the mix.

Seems to me they are already going to great lengths to preserve his voice on tour. No consecutive shows, no speaking on days off, no spicy foods or white wine. I doubt that another 2 or 3 or 4 or 5 years of healthy living would force any dramatic changes to the current touring regimen.
#39 - Posted 10/17/13 @9:36PM by rush21122 [contact]

I really wish instead of putting out dvds and concerts from today. i'd rather them go back into their vaults and put out a new show from the late 70's early 80's every year. like a full 1980 show..
#38 - Posted 10/17/13 @9:34PM by rush21122 [contact]

Guys newsflash most directors who film bands live concerts are guns for hire and have little to no idea of when to shoot certain memebers sadly...
#37 - Posted 10/17/13 @9:33PM by rush21122 [contact]

Hey guys , you think his vocals are bad here, I just watched a you tube clip of analog kid from the dallas show (audience) but geddys voice sounds terrible. reminded me of how bad he sounded on time machine dvd.. I hope they tinker that for the dvd..
#36 - Posted 10/17/13 @8:06PM by Astroboy [contact]

Frankly, it sounds like a lot of you guys have either not seen much Rush live over the years or don't collect any bootlegs, watch clips on youtube, etc I dont get this notion that Geddy was ever an elite vocalist. He's never been. You listen to 70's boots and he is all over the place, heck just listen to ATWS and DS disc 3. Same with the 80's and 90's boots and videos. There are some songs were he sounds fantastic and there are songs were he sounds rather unpleasant to be honest. He's never been an helluva vocalist i just don't get this whole WOW Geddy is shot thing. I mean I have some boots from the Presto tour where he sounds atrocious lol Then i have some boots from the Roll The Bones and Counterparts tours where he sounds awesome. He's always been inconsistent, often on the same show. You can go on youtube right now and listen to much of the Dallas show and he does sound fantastic on Subdivisions, Analog Kid,on much of the new material, etc. I think Exit Stage Left confused people into believing he is some sort of virtuoso vocalist when in fact a lot of the vocals in ESL were recorded in the studio and that's a fact that everybody should know by now. ESL is the most perfect of Rush live records but it's also the least live one. So in conclusion all of these Geddy is done is BS he has always been a rather inconsistent vocalist. He stinks up some parts then he hits it outta the park on some others. Always has been like that with him. The thing is Rush used to release a live album every 4 studio records and Geddy's inconsistencies from tour to tour where masked by it ( unless you collected boots and know better) and now they put out a new live album every time so some ppl are noticing this now but even in the 70's when he was a young buck he was all over the place. This is nothing new or something to be concerned about.
#35 - Posted 10/17/13 @7:34PM by david [contact]

We Rush fans are spoiled...plain and simple.
I remember hearing a rumor back in 1984 , right after the GUP tour, that Rush might break up.
As a 16 year old kid trying to manage my teenage years in Philadelpia that news devastated me.
But hear I sit 29 years later watching a "new" Rush tune on a high def computer screen.
Think about it...
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