Rush Clockwork Angels Tour CD/DVD/Blu-ray OFFICIAL trailer released

Posted on Friday, October 4, 2013 at 1:22PM

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#31 - Posted 10/8/13 @12:46PM by random_sample [contact]

Isn't that weird?? :P
#30 - Posted 10/8/13 @12:46PM by random_sample [contact]

I thought a Moveable Feast was the term they use for Picnic ,in Denmark.
#29 - Posted 10/7/13 @5:08PM by drummerboy2112

I love the way Time Machine sounds on my system and can only imagine what CA is going to sound like especially with all the 80's tunes.

I found it incredible how the songs on the CA tour sounded live, much better than TM, actually wayyyy better to my ears, anyways. Geddy sounded much better this time around, and how they incorporate the keys, especially in 5.1 or 7.1, is intriguing.

Spoke to Brad and Tony about the sound at the shows and they were trying a lot of different approaches especially with the drums for Brad and the keyboards for Tony.

Will be buying a few copies of the blu-ray for friends (whether they want it or not!)
#28 - Posted 10/7/13 @4:47PM by 1357

Can't wait!
#27 - Posted 10/7/13 @7:34AM by Runkerry

MG, moveable feast is just a metaphor for things that change over time so I guess Homey is saying it's not totally changeable/likely to change.

Now, re the CD, do I order it via, or sweat it out for another week or two and order via : /
#26 - Posted 10/6/13 @8:58PM by MGRushFan

Holmes, please don't take this the wrong way, because I actually don't know. Not trying to pull your chain. What does the term "moveable feast" mean in the context you are using it? Just tried looking it up, but no real answers.
#25 - Posted 10/6/13 @7:59PM by Homey M Holmes

"Although I will say you have to remember that in the 80's, that "corny" imagery was state of the art and modern for the times. It does no good to make cultural comparisons, because in 20 years, someone is going to look at the CA videos and say the same thing you wrote."

Oh well, it's not totally a moveable feast. Some things are relatively more "timeless" than others. 80s fashion was kind of an aberration to begin with.
#24 - Posted 10/6/13 @5:00PM by MGRushFan

Limelighter, wow, if RTB was the only thing from the 90's you found redeemable, you have a lot of listening to do. There is ALWAYS amazing music to be found, even to this day. It's just not played on terrestrial radio, and because the market is flooded with garbage, the good stuff is hard to find. Tool's lateralus, aenima or 10,000 days wasn't good enough? That's just one small example, but man, you should open that mind up a bit more, and that is not meant to be a personal insult. I was having a conversation with Brian Slagel the other day, who founded Metal Blade records, and i sort of said something along the lines as to "where is the good music now." He was very charitable by turning me on to a lot of new great bands that i had simply never heard of.
#23 - Posted 10/6/13 @3:23PM by limelighter [contact]

roll the bones until clockwork angels that is. my bad.
#22 - Posted 10/6/13 @3:23PM by limelighter [contact]

to me the 80's were the best decade for music, than the 70's than the 60's.
1990 - present is the worst. hands down. period. the end. my opinion of course.
only roll the bones until was the best music in that era. (90's-present) ok, i'm biased on that one.
#21 - Posted 10/6/13 @12:02PM by MGRushFan

#18, I agree that concert was pretty damn good. Although I will say you have to remember that in the 80's, that "corny" imagery was state of the art and modern for the times. It does no good to make cultural comparisons, because in 20 years, someone is going to look at the CA videos and say the same thing you wrote. Just like no woman will wear a beehive hairdo now, but in the 60's it was state of the art. In 20 years, I hope these ridiculous weaves will be seen in the same light, but for now, they are the cultural norm. I personally enjoy the 80's stuff because that was when I was a child and for me it brings back good memories.
#20 - Posted 10/6/13 @10:02AM by ianian65 [contact]

#19. Thanks. However, there is still no mention yet of the blu ray on
#19 - Posted 10/6/13 @6:29AM by Runkerry

# 14 It looks like the CD releases in the UK 18th November via Roadrunner. Not sure the date is accurate.
#18 - Posted 10/5/13 @9:53PM by Homey M Holmes

Yeah, you know, it took me a long time to watch the "Grace Under Pressure" concert from the Rush X3 boxset, but it you can get past the corny 80s imagery, they're playing fast, aggressively, but effortlessly.
#17 - Posted 10/5/13 @5:58PM by jiminseattle [contact]

I think they are at their peak but that is just my opinion. CA is raw as it comes for me, the guitar work in that song alone stands out. Thrashing.
#16 - Posted 10/5/13 @5:56PM by MGRushFan

To me, they are they are playing better now for sure, as in smoother and more polished. But the rawness is gone. The raw intensity of my "Temples of The Syrinx" bootleg has never been matched, and that was 1980.
#15 - Posted 10/5/13 @3:39PM by random_sample [contact]

It's interesting how subjective it is, as to when Rush has been at their "peak" ,in terms of skill, talent, creativity, etc. I hear Alex say "we're starting to get the hang of it" and I think...well, it's great that after doing this as long as they have and after so many albums, they feel that kind of enthusiasm. But as far as when they "peaked", for me (and I'm sure many others) it sure wouldn't be NOW. I'm not slamming them. Just stating that I think they peaked (were at their best) years ago. Probably from Permanent Waves to Roll the bones. In that period.
If you surveyed 1000 Rush fans (not just the fans that frequent this site) you would probably get alot of different answers, as to when Rush was at their best. I will be buying the Clockwork Angels DVD though.
#14 - Posted 10/5/13 @10:39AM by ianian65 [contact]

Does anyone know when the Clockwork Angels Tour CD/DVD/Blu-ray will be released in the UK / Europe ?
#13 - Posted 10/5/13 @10:23AM by deslock [contact]

This was such a great tour: the new album sounded wonderful live; we got treated to Where's My Thing, Analog Kid, and most of Power Windows; the orchestra was fun; and Headlong Flight was absolutely jaw dropping.

I have it on preorder and look forward to it.

That written, I'm not optimistic about Geddy's voice on this release. He's sounded more strained on every tour since VT (a lot of the vocals on Time Machine were cringe worthy) and he was really struggling on the dates near the end of the 2012. His voice sounded a bit better during the Summer 2013 dates, but that's not when this was recorded.

That's not a criticism of him... he's getting old, he does a lot to stay in good condition (he's very careful not to talk much, with what he eats, not getting sick, etc), and it's not his fault that his voice isn't well suited for singing.
#12 - Posted 10/5/13 @12:13AM by dickpotts [contact]

I was so excited to hear that they are finally remixing what I consider to be a top three rush album in vapor trails. Unfortunately, the end result is very disappointing. What made that a great album was the guitar work of Lerxst. on the remix it's practically gone. I realize the original was very very muddy but it did rock. The new versions do not. It sounds like they have made it into an album of demo versions to me. Ged's vocals sound like he's in a machine shed with a megaphone. The guitars are obviously layered on the original and it sounds like they picked the wrong layers and then turned them down in the mix. The drums are fine I guess. It's not what I was hoping for, not how I want to remember those great songs. Oh well it's not like I got rid of the original CD.
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