Vapor Trails Remixed and Rush: The Studio Albums 1989-2007 box set released today

Posted on Monday, September 30, 2013 at 6:48AM

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#120 - Posted 10/11/13 @7:54AM by freewilly [contact]

I'm still waiting for my copy but can anyone tell if you encounter a problem with your pressing of this CD?
One Canadian and one UK reviewer mention similar problems I think:



Thanks in advance
#119 - Posted 10/9/13 @8:01AM by freewilly [contact]

PS, Hmm I think I misunderstood, the person probably meant the mix-channel of the specific Ride Cymbal-mic wasn't used, or too little. Anyway, your thoughts are welcome.
#118 - Posted 10/9/13 @3:51AM by freewilly [contact]

"about someone" should have been "from someone" (sorry)
#117 - Posted 10/9/13 @3:37AM by freewilly [contact]

I just read a comment on about someone who misses the Ride cymbal... I'll paste it here plus my reply and would be happy if anyone comments, thanks.

They took out the Ride Cymbal, October 8, 2013
By theseer2
This review is from: Vapor Trails (Remixed) (Audio CD)
No or hardly any Ride Cymbal on EVERY song. Sure it a remix, but they forgot to add the mic that was on the Ride. That's like taking a string off the guitar. PURE IDIOCY!

My reply was:
I'm sorry you are seriously disappointed, and I know little of drums or recording, but "forgot to add the mic that was on the Ride" would have happened with the original recording I assume. Since this was not a re-recording, only remix with added originally recorded parts. But you suggest the Ride cymbal was (more) audible on the original VT? Assuming you're right about it's diminishing now, it can only be a choice/fault of the new mix? I'm still waiting for my CD so don't have a comparison yet...
Please comment, anyone (drummers and engineers?)
#116 - Posted 10/8/13 @9:24PM by Mr. K

Judging by the comments I've read, I'm guessing I'll be in the minority on this.

I wasn't sure what to expect with the remix... I guess iI was expecting to have the tracks cleaned up a bit, and lose some of what I will call the extra "noise" on some of the tracks. Unfortunately, I'm not too happy with the results as they've been presented to us. It sounds like the instruments (particularly the drums) were too processed in order to get them cleaned up... a lot of these songs just don't sound "right" now. I guess I'm too used to what I've been listening to for the last 11 years.

It's too bad... I was looking forward to to what could have been.
#115 - Posted 10/5/13 @4:27PM by Salesman [contact]

@SoCalledFriend, yes the solo is nice. Just picked the album up on vinyl this morning and noticed that immediately. Unfortunately, and I haven't seen anyone else comment on this yet, the first chorus after that solo is punched in four bars too early compared to the original mix. It comes in over a prominent bass part and then leaves four more bars before finishing the "turn and turn again" line. That totally breaks the flow of that chorus and messes up the tension set by having singing over the bass part. WTF?
It drives me crazy when that kind of thing happens on remixes and remasters. I have the original vinyl and though it is compressed it still gets me more tension, bombast, and release than the new version. New mix has much more depth and lots of great qualities, though. The amount of kick drum snap and separation in the mix is almost distracting. These albums become so ingrained that it will take a little time to wrap my head around the different presentation.
Last note, 30 bucks for the remaster vinyl and not even a download card for a 320Kbps version, let alone a full CD inserted like Wilco does or a 24/96 download like Paul Simon did with "So beautiful". So now I have to shell out for a digital version as well. I'd pretty much give these guys my first born (and he's a really cool kid) but I've already bought this album on CD and vinyl and now vinyl again. Is a digital download too much to ask?
#114 - Posted 10/4/13 @7:43PM by gag2man [contact]

I just received the CD in the mail from Best Buy. They didn't have it in the store on Tuesday, but they matched Amazon's price - $ 9.00 and waived shipping. It's better than the original. I can't wait to burn it in the car. I put it on iTunes and it sounds good. I listened to the entire album online at work the other day. Two things I'll note are 1) Geddy is listed as Gebby in the musician credits (this was screwed up on the original) and 2) I figured there would be a dedication to Selena and Jackie.
#113 - Posted 10/3/13 @5:03PM by RushInHawaii [contact]

I bought the CD at BestBuy on Tuesday and have now had a chance to listen to it twice, once at home and once in the car. It sounds much better than the original and I am generally quite pleased. I think, however, that I would have liked a straight remaster over a remix/remaster. I think the additional Geddy voices are unnecessary, although they sound good. I like the short guitar solos in OLV and Ceiling Unlimited. My $.02.
#112 - Posted 10/3/13 @2:48PM by jupeguyowensound [contact]

ok.enough petty silliness.
You've probably seen these but will make you smile!

#111 - Posted 10/3/13 @1:49PM by SoCalledFriend [contact]

4:00 mark of Ceiling Unlimited.....WHERE DID THAT SOLO COME FROM?!?! lol

AMAZING remix.....well done!
#110 - Posted 10/2/13 @7:58PM by jupeguyowensound [contact]

#108 No, like I said I'm not gay but dig yourself a little deeper there bud!
#109 Wow you sure are using some BIG words there. You still haven't answered why you said "uber gay" to describe...well not only "Out of the Cradle" but now more Rush tunes! Please enlighten us holmey m holmes you ##**@#@@, @@@#**@
I guess Ed's on vacation. You did refer to me as stupid, dumbass, whatever, but hey I did say you made a "stupid f#*king comment" so...
#109 - Posted 10/2/13 @7:31PM by Homey M Holmes

It probably bears some relation to the way the English use the word "twee," but don't let that stop you -- by all means, puff yourself up with that righteous indignation that wears so well on contemporary rock fans.
#108 - Posted 10/2/13 @7:28PM by Homey M Holmes

Are you sure you wouldn't like to be declared an honorary gay person?
#107 - Posted 10/2/13 @5:45PM by jupeguyowensound [contact]

ok well lets get right to "the heart of the matter" Mr.Matter of fact. Define "uber gay". Let me say for the record that I am not gay, but I would love to hear your defintion or in what context you're using the phrase.
#106 - Posted 10/2/13 @4:15PM by Homey M Holmes

Indeed, "Out of the Cradle" is the epitome of uber-gay, of which there are, unfortunately, many examples in the Rush catalog, pretty much going back to the beginning. Not so hot on "How It Is" or "Sweet Miracle" either. But anyway, regardless, there's another emotion coming through on Vapor Trails, the good, dark emotion going back to the classic material, that I think keeps us coming back to the band in general.

I went through with my devastating threat to create a custom playlist of the album, and came up w/ 8 songs, 43 minutes. Works pretty well. The material that I think is worthwhile is generally the anxious, angst-ridden stuff, with just a hint of light coming through. "Out of the Cradle"? Blagh.
#105 - Posted 10/2/13 @1:14PM by jupeguyowensound [contact]

#104- Have to agree about "Out of the Cradle". My personal opinion on that song is that it is very good. Not "uber gay" as someone previously posted somewhere. I also really enjoy "How It Is" and "Sweet Miracle" very much also. The lyrics really hit you (especially after reading "Ghost Rider").I know this was a low point for Neil and it would have been difficult to pen lyrics to any songs then, but I think he did a quality job under the circumstances. In my opinion VT is a very good album, the only 2 songs that I don't care for much are OLV and The Stars Look Down, but I know other people like them so that's great! I don't skip over them by any means but they just don't grab me like the rest of the album does and again that's just my viewpoint. I am enjoying the new re-mixes, but the original versions don't bother me at all either. Probably pick the new re-mixes if I had to choose one though.
#104 - Posted 10/2/13 @12:49PM by drummerboy2112

vastly improved,

I hear lots of neat stuff going on, and takes me back to when it came out. I say that because I didn't listen to it too much secondary to the sound, and it not being fun to listen to.

Now you can even hear the string slide from Alex's hands on the end of How it is much more clearly now.

I do have to say, Secret Touch is less ballsy now, don't know any other way to phrase that, but it sounds more urgent on the original and that lends to the frenetic stuff going on. I do like it on the new one as well.

Out of the Cradle was always a fav song of mine out of the entire Rush catalog, and it sounds awesome, an excellent song to end a CD with. I liked the original one as well, this one breathes more, and the guitar is more clear, and you can hear the 2nd and 3rd guitar tracks.

Agreed about the drums, I love how they sound now. And you can hear how hard he is really hitting the snare. I'm curious about the vinyl sound, and might just need to update my old analog gear.

Asif Khan MD
#103 - Posted 10/2/13 @11:52AM by audiorushphile [contact]

Thanks fisheye
#102 - Posted 10/2/13 @11:28AM by Fish Eyelands [contact]

It's mostly subjective, audiorushphile, but in my opinion, the Sectors remasters are definitely better than the original CDs.
#101 - Posted 10/2/13 @7:45AM by RushFanForever [contact]

This small interview was posted yesterday.

RUSH - The Studio Albums 1989-2007 - Mastered by Andy VanDette

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