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Posted on Friday, February 22, 2013 at 1:04PM

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#31 - Posted 2/24/13 @9:25PM by BoltFromTheBlue [contact]

nice clock from the steamounk clockwork sci-fi fake victorian era of the next day roll over me if i could get back on, and if a serial comma can get away with on my horsie, i gould get back on/ ON MY HORsie\

#30 - Posted 2/24/13 @9:19PM by voodoosuzyq [contact]

#29 Ask Yoda
#29 - Posted 2/24/13 @8:50PM by BoltFromTheBlue [contact]

bashing than rashing truck hat backstage hat wearing trucker hat carnie steampunkers baby

slave to the driving, hormone, and aquamaroon.

or a wise writer onced noted that it was toward kneel that was wherefore your kinngdom, sir. Sore kingdome, cold hearted marble, rode my seesaw, stoked the fires, tried the eye, gyrated and restrospected....

was said it neil, and alex and geddy...

or geddy,alex, and neil

or neil , alex and geddy

and or comma department
#28 - Posted 2/24/13 @8:04PM by lisah [contact]

#27, this Texas Rush Chick will be there April 23 to cheer the boy's on. Wouldn't miss it for the world, maybe we'll run into eachother. Rush On from Texas.
#27 - Posted 2/24/13 @7:39PM by voodoosuzyq [contact]

#26 Don't bash Texas man....even tho there are only a handful of serious Rush chicks..
#26 - Posted 2/24/13 @6:35PM by BoltFromTheBlue [contact]

Rik Emmet of Triumph has just re-confirmed his Carny Cruise Ship Reservation, btw.

That Triumph cruise ship was no Fracking Valdez , or BP and katrina.

first Rush plays the Texas Tri-Fecta to end out their 2012 Clockwork Angels Tour.

then they decide to take a break ....

Then Rush decides to accept an award to the R&R HOF.... in 2013

Then decides to start another tour yet again but in all places but Texas.

4 in a Row, eh?

in Texas?

then fort lauderdale

March 25th thru 30th, 2013


Cruise to the Edge featuring 'YES'

Ft Lauderdale


#25 - Posted 2/23/13 @8:00PM by mark one [contact]

post 15 what gives ? rthompson150 is a BIG TIME rush fan . if he is first then thats cool by me . im 25!! i hope thats ok with you .
#24 - Posted 2/23/13 @5:21PM by cincyrushgirl [contact]

Most Cincinnati radio stations that give away tickets ( unless specified as first row or something) are usually not good seats....I wouldn't worry about 'EBN.
#23 - Posted 2/23/13 @12:27PM by conky [contact]


#23 on the 23rd!

maybe #15 can do better on the next thread : >
#22 - Posted 2/23/13 @12:33AM by kjbird [contact]

Twenty SECOND!!!!! weeeeeeeeeeee!!!
#21 - Posted 2/23/13 @12:12AM by bucklemyshoe [contact]

#15 - twenty-FIRST !!!!
#20 - Posted 2/22/13 @8:01PM by cpb [contact]

#16 - Posted 2/22/13 @6:34PM by Rob

That review of The Anarchist is one of the worst "positive" reviews I have ever read.

Seriously, I was worried about the fact that I was fundamentally agreeing with the author. That really was an overblown review, wasn't it? Yikes...
#19 - Posted 2/22/13 @7:53PM by broughttoyoubytheletterj [contact]

Ahhhhh yes...
"The Strange House" from the stage partition @ Saginaw Civic 1979 was raised hairs on top of goosebumps !!!
#18 - Posted 2/22/13 @7:32PM by jupeguyowensound [contact]

Just watched YYZ,O'Bat,and La Villa from Rush In Rio for the billionth time. I still get goosebumps on my goosebumps.
#17 - Posted 2/22/13 @6:53PM by jupeguyowensound [contact]

#15 rushfany48752323iuh90ru- When I first joined Rushisaband the "first" thing kind of bugged me too. Then you realize it's just a silly thing that people have FUN with. Innocent,goofy FUN!! It's a thing that is becoming increasingly rare these days,people seem to get all bent out of shape when they see others having it.Everyone's soooooooooooo damn serious with every little fu*king thing that happens. RThompson is a wonderful RIABer!He is no Major Funsucker, that's for sure.
#16 - Posted 2/22/13 @6:34PM by Rob [contact]

Wow...someone needs to chill.

On another note,
That review of The Anarchist is one of the worst "positive" reviews I have ever read.
#15 - Posted 2/22/13 @6:29PM by rushfan87777879 [contact]

"#1 - Posted 2/22/13 @1:08PM by RThompson150 [contact]


Congratulations you loser who is in need of serious attention. Oh wait, I just posted also so I guess I need attention also. First....what a douche.
#14 - Posted 2/22/13 @6:18PM by jupeguyowensound [contact]

cpb- the great thing about Rush tunes/albums.Clockwork Angels is my favorite song on the album.
#13 - Posted 2/22/13 @5:15PM by cpb [contact]

Wow, that other Rush FB page DOES have some sweet pics! Thanks for the notice, Ed!

OK, the "Clockwork Angels" single...I'm ready for a firestorm here, because I'm alone in this, but that is the ONLY song on the album I just don't like. I'm not going to enumerate my reasons here, because I don't want to be critical and since nearly everyone else on this site ranks it as a Top Three song from the album, there's no point in me lambasting it. What I WILL say is that I'd love "The Anarchist" to be a single (and not an edited one at that). I think the lyrics are universal, both in the sense of being accessible outside the storyline AND relatable to that rebellious streak in all of us. Plus the grooves and riffs are just SO catchy! I'd like that to happen way before the comparatively slow tempo of...

...anyway, you get the idea. Happy weekending everybody!
#12 - Posted 2/22/13 @5:01PM by Lucien [contact]

My personal opinion, but I think the title track of Clockwork Angels should be a single
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