Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony fan pre-sale and ticket price details

Posted on Thursday, January 24, 2013 at 11:18AM

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#18 - Posted 1/25/13 @9:48AM by psimon88 [contact]

Thanks for the link love, Ed. I can't stop thinking big!!!
#17 - Posted 1/24/13 @11:21PM by Rochemtx [contact]

Got mine through Amex. Not cheap, $750 each, but primo seats. Orchestra level, midway. The big $$$ seats with rehearsals and after party were $2,000. I have always dreamed of going to an induction ceremony. Always have wondered how average schmoes like me could go? I think it's the Theatre venue in LA and the RRHOF can get extra profit. Don't care, seeing Rush get their due!!!!
#16 - Posted 1/24/13 @7:55PM by kevinF [contact]

I find it a bit odd that the HOF is in Cleveland and the ceremony is in LA. Not able to convince the "dignitaries" to go to Cleveland?
#15 - Posted 1/24/13 @7:26PM by robertrobyn [contact]

#14 - Posted 1/24/13 @6:15PM by billthez [contact]

Got mine - Row A Lodge - Coming in from New Jersey!
#13 - Posted 1/24/13 @6:10PM by michinman [contact]

Do any of you think there would be the possibility to meet the guys even for a brief moment, and have a picture taken and a few words exchanged? Despite my objection to the HOF, I would possibly consider the premium ticket package for such an exchange.
#12 - Posted 1/24/13 @3:36PM by red_blogchetta [contact]

Got tix as well. Looking forward to it!
#11 - Posted 1/24/13 @2:26PM by Tom [contact]

utter rip-off! The only thing worth going to would be the rehearsals which would be fascinating to see (not just Rush).
#10 - Posted 1/24/13 @2:20PM by jaeger [contact]

#5 (Re: #4) Maybe he means "laying down the law" as in _The Firm_ (link ) :)
#9 - Posted 1/24/13 @2:14PM by jaeger [contact]

Insects give a whole new meaning to _Dreamline_: link
#8 - Posted 1/24/13 @2:10PM by nhlrush [contact]

randy newman comes to mind....

i respect his work, but not only is he not rock, he's barely ever had any hits or gold or platinum album...

so having "I love LA" and "short people" on the radio is grounds to be inducted into the rock and roll hall of fame????

he wrote the score to "THE NATURAL," one of my favorite all-time movies....incredible music in that music, but as far from rock music as possible...
#7 - Posted 1/24/13 @2:10PM by lavilla2112 [contact]

Got my tix! LOGE row H
#6 - Posted 1/24/13 @2:04PM by nhlrush [contact]

curious how you all think....i don't consider this a rush gig, just a few songs...i know for some its special, but even if i lived in Los Angeles, i don't think i am going to pay $75 for a couple of songs when i could use that money toward a full show on the angels tour...

of course, i am probably in the minority, i never really wanted rush in the rrhof, i find the whole concept of the rrhof to be bogus....i appreciate hall of fame's in sports, but music is so subjective and the artists who have been inducted into the rrhof are a joke, many aren't even rock, something else....
#5 - Posted 1/24/13 @1:29PM by Rubinowits [contact]

#4 I don't get it. Are you a lawyer or something?
#4 - Posted 1/24/13 @1:02PM by subdivincent [contact]

I think one Leslie Claypool would have been the perfect choice to induct Rush - but the law firm of Grohl & Hawkins are more than adequate.
#3 - Posted 1/24/13 @12:46PM by jaeger [contact]

What do you mean, with all those great stars represented? :)
#2 - Posted 1/24/13 @12:06PM by lavilla2112 [contact]

Yeah no kidding
#1 - Posted 1/24/13 @11:27AM by nhlrush [contact]

Um, kinda expensive tickets, eh?
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