Foo Fighters to induct Rush into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame; induction ceremony pre-sale details released

Posted on Wednesday, January 23, 2013 at 7:05AM

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#52 - Posted 1/27/13 @12:54PM by Enigmaticus [contact]

My main objection to Rush's induction by the Foo Fighters stems from the fact that in addition to being great songwriters, Rush is also a major "progressive rock" icon. However, you wish to look at it, the difference between the bands is like the difference between apples and oranges, or night and day, or so to speak. The way that I see it, Rush is a band whose peers are in such groups as: Yes, Jethro Tull, King Crimson, The Moody Blues, Emerson, Lake & Palmer, Genesis, Gentle Giant, Kansas, Styx, Echolyn, E.L.O. and Pink Floyd, amongst others. I was hoping that someone from one of the up and coming "progressive rock," or "progressive metal" bands would induct them. Perhaps the present members of Dream Theater, or Mastodon would have been a better choice. I doubt that Rush would have had difficulty finding someone to induct them. Of course, as much as I have been looking forward to their induction into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, having been an avid supporter of it for the past 15 years, I am looking forward to their receipt of an Ivor Novello award and receiving the Kennedy Center honors, even more.
#51 - Posted 1/27/13 @10:06AM by random_sample [contact]

#50- I thought the same thing. Billy Corgan might have been a better choice. Pretty well know, high profile artist ,he admires Rush and he's very articulate . Not that I don't like the Foo Fighters, but I didn't exactly find what Taylor Hawkings had to say in the Rush Documentary all that great. His whole thing with the "you were a Rush nerd" and how "you wouldn't put on Carress of Steel for you wife, "the chicks didn't dig it", blah,blah. But, anyway, not a huge deal. Could be alot worse. At least it isn't Sebastien Bach or the drummer from Pantera. haha.
#50 - Posted 1/26/13 @11:13AM by thedigitalman [contact]

i think there is only one other person that would've been a better choice...Because of how he spoke ofthem on the documentary and explained how and why Rush came so close to his heart and how They made him feel okay about where he was at in his life at the time...Billy Corgan of the Smashing Pumpkins.
#49 - Posted 1/24/13 @9:19AM by kjbird [contact]

#47/#48 - ditto. As i expressed before, FF's - great choice. I look forward to hearing what they have to say to their peers and a band they look up to.
#48 - Posted 1/24/13 @9:14AM by Agent Rush [contact]

#47. Well put.
#47 - Posted 1/24/13 @9:00AM by Surfguy [contact]

I appreciate Donna Halper playing Rush and all way back then on Cleveland radio...but I don't want to see her induct Rush. No offense to her but I want a musician inducting Rush. And, we've all seen her speak before about Rush. What could she possibly add that she hasn't already said? And, no offense, but listening to her talk is about as much fun as watching paint dry. Maybe at Rushcon but at the RRHOF induction ceremony? And, I'm of the strong opinion that if Donna didn't like what she was hearing way back when and put it on the radio...then someone else would have. "Working Man" was just too good for everyone to pass over. She just happened to be the one at the time. I don't believe Rush would have faded into oblivion if Donna didn't pick it up. They had the Led Zeppelin sound. People even thought it was Led Zeppelin when they heard it. Rush would have still succeeded. That said...I wouldn't mind if she was one of the speakers...just not THE only speaker. She certainly deserves to be there. That's my opinion. Sorry if you don't like it.
#46 - Posted 1/24/13 @8:56AM by Agent Rush [contact]

#37...agree 100% FF's are a very good choice. They are friends of the band, they grew up listening to RUSH and are piers in the music world. I have tons of respect for Donna....she was the first to spin the boys record in the states..but lets be real here people. I'm sure she will be mentioned, and even brought up on least I feel she should be.
#45 - Posted 1/24/13 @6:40AM by jupeguyowensound [contact]

kj- it was the 1983 Juno Awards.
#44 - Posted 1/23/13 @10:01PM by kjbird [contact]

#43. Your question just opened up the possibility of a 100+ post thread. LOL!!! Seriously, I don't know, but unleash the hounds for the possible answers!!!
#43 - Posted 1/23/13 @9:47PM by rjjr [contact]

Does anyone know what the VIP tickets get you? $3000 is a lot.
#42 - Posted 1/23/13 @8:07PM by smiley [contact]

whoa, just noticed the similar initials, Very Sorry, this henley thing is unfortunate, !thank The Angels for Donna, excellent ear young Lady RTB )))
#41 - Posted 1/23/13 @7:59PM by smiley [contact]

what an interesting thing, DH, forgiveness opportunity yet again, Angels are here thankfully, peace
#40 - Posted 1/23/13 @7:56PM by smiley [contact]

DH is my choice too, she knows good music early
#39 - Posted 1/23/13 @7:18PM by LanceTheShred [contact]

#38 I'm with you all the way Mr. limelighter. I dig FF but DH would have been the ultimate choice.
#38 - Posted 1/23/13 @6:51PM by limelighter [contact]

nickelback?? terrible choice.
foo fighters?? not the greatest choice if not at all.
#37 - Posted 1/23/13 @6:48PM by anotherrushfan [contact]

I don't want to spoil the mood so let me say FF are as fine a choice as any.


...does it really matter that the band is being inducted into what is, in reality, a pretty worthless comedy club? Yay - the boys are now in the same club as Donna Summer, Gene Pitney, and Abba. Woo ****ing hoo.

Rush have had their validation for years from us, the fans, with every album and concert ticket we buy. The critics and the RRHoF can kiss our collective asses as far as I am concerned.

Once this circus is over we can get back to the important matter of buying more concert tickets and, hopefully, more albums.
#36 - Posted 1/23/13 @4:47PM by drmike [contact]

Taylor and Dave should do a great job but I'm having trouble envisioning anybody being appropriate. No one seems to fit that roll. Donna would be good but it's traditionally a musician, isn't it? James Hetfield/Kirk Hammett could work but could also flop big time.
#35 - Posted 1/23/13 @4:17PM by Hemisferios [contact]

Also, I'm sure their speech will be both intense and funny, as our guys are on stage!
#34 - Posted 1/23/13 @4:15PM by Hemisferios [contact]

Having 2 drummers in Taylor Hawkins and Dave Grohl, is a great choice. Plus, they're big fans also. Can't think of someone else doing it. I don't think you want another big legend doing it, as long as the person does appreciate the body of work of the band and they both do.
#33 - Posted 1/23/13 @3:06PM by driven2theedge [contact]

I wanted Donna to induct them but the FFs are a great choice too.
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