Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Clockwork Angels novel sampler booklet giveaway
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UPDATE - 7/22@10:36AM: The folks at RushCon have announced that Anderson will be Sunday's guest speaker at this year's convention. Kevin will read from Clockwork Angels and share his experience creating the novel with Neil Peart. Books will also be on sale and Kevin will be doing a book signing.

Clockwork Angels bookA sampler booklet of Kevin J. Anderson's novelization of Clockwork Angels was given out to industry professionals and booksellers at the Book Expo America in New York City earlier this month. Anderson announced via his blog yesterday that he has several copies of the booklet left that he will be giving away to fans. From the blog post:

For the Book Expo America in New York, ECW Press produced a beautiful sneak preview booklet for Clockwork Angels: The Novel, which includes introductions by myself and by Neil Peart, the first three chapters of the novel, three of Hugh Syme's illustrations, and the lyrics for "Caravan" from the Rush CD Clockwork Angels.

I promised to make the booklet available to my fans. If you'd like a free copy, click the link below to download the form. Print it and follow the instructions. I'll even autograph the booklet.

Download instructions

You still have to send a stamped return envelope-and if you're not from the US, you'll have to figure out how to include US postage. (I can't mail it back to you with Canadian, British, or Rwandan postage, for example.) ...

The Clockwork Angels novel will release via ECW Press this September to coincide with the launch of Rush's North America tour. You can pre-order the audiobook version of Clockwork Angels at this location, and the hardcover edition here.

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#10 - Posted 7/9/12 @10:47AM by sg_analog_kid [contact]

While listening to CA, I've been trying to "figure out" the whole story. I'm looking forward to the release of the novel. My question that nobody has had an answer to yet is this: Has there ever been a soundtrack to a novel before? I was thinking about some of the soundtracks to movies and other similar works, but I can not think of any time where a novel had a soundtrack-until now.
#9 - Posted 6/27/12 @2:06PM by The Analog Dad [contact]

Am freely willing to admit this is silly, but there are 653 Anagrams for "Owen Hardy," including:

Onward Hey! (obvious)
Anyhow Red (alchemy and album cover)
Hard, Ye Won (hard-fought victory after a tough life lesson)
A Dory Hewn (a shallow lightweight boat with high sides... cut to pieces?!?)
A Dry New "Oh!" (a surprise ending/realization after a shipwreck)
Awry End Ho! (the end is nigh in piratese, clever)
Whoa, Nerdy! (for the rest of us... hilarious)

OK, back to your coffeebreak -- already in progress...
#8 - Posted 6/26/12 @8:55PM by TARKUS [contact]

While I enjoy the interviews with Lee and Lifeson, I have avoided Peart's interviews as I don't want to know TOO much about the lyrics. I prefer to find my own meaning in them. Same goes for this book - although it does look interesting. Perhaps after awhile after the lyrics have become my own. Although the background for some of the lyrics is good and of interest (Freddy Gruber, Voltaire, etc.)
#7 - Posted 6/26/12 @2:01PM by dogslikeRUSH [contact]

I'll likely buy and read the book but a co-worker did pick up the sampler booklet for me and I enjoyed reading it as it helped to explain the context of the story behind CA. From what I could tell it is really just the beginning pages of the novel and takes you up the point where Owen Hardy manages to get on the Caravan. So reading it won't give away that much of the rest of the story/novel as it doesn't take the reader past the point where Owen Hardy finds himself on his way to Crown City. But I could see how some readers would want to wait for the novel.
#6 - Posted 6/26/12 @12:36PM by wackostu [contact]

I will be buying the book, but this will be a nice collectable from Mr. Anderson.
#5 - Posted 6/26/12 @11:50AM by limelighter [contact]

yes, but people love crap!!!!!
#4 - Posted 6/26/12 @11:48AM by flimbo

I'll be steering well clear of this crap!
#3 - Posted 6/26/12 @11:45AM by jaeger [contact]

I will definitely be buying Neil's reading. The Jim Ladd preview sounded so much like the Necromancer. Here's an idea: Neil please work with KJA on a Necromancer novel and narrate that too!
#2 - Posted 6/26/12 @10:56AM by M next 2 I next 2 K next 2 E [contact]

I'm going for it..numba 2
#1 - Posted 6/26/12 @10:31AM by marty from clayton [contact]

If I end up reading it, I think I'll wait for the novel itself - from the library.

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