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Rush signs with Roadrunner Records
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[Rush Signs With Roadrunner, Preps New Album for 2012: Exclusive]

UPDATE - 9/1@9:45AM: Just to clarify my comment that this is simply a lateral move for Rush; I meant lateral in an organizational sense, in that the band is simply moving to another label under the Warner Music Group parent company. Indeed, Rush had been under contract with Atlantic to release one more studio album, and Rush's deal with Roadrunner likely would not have been able to happen if Roadrunner and Atlantic had not been with the same parent company. From a marketing standpoint this is probably a good move for Rush, as Atlantic had been doing a poor job promoting the band in recent years. Roadrunner's focus on hard rock and heavy metal bands makes them a much better fit for Rush. Other prog-rock bands currently with Roadrunner Records include Porcupine Tree, Dream Theater and Opeth.

UPDATE - 8/31@2:47PM: Here's the official press release from Roadrunner (thanks RushFanForever).

UPDATE - 8/31@11:15AM: It should be noted that Roadrunner Records has actually been owned by Warner Music Group since 2006, who also happens to own Rush's previous label - Atlantic Records. And Atlantic Records Group is Roadrunner's US distributor. So in reality this is not as big of a shake-up as it may seem, and is more of a lateral move than anything else. reported this morning that Rush has signed with Roadrunner Records. From

... "After years of Roadrunner pursuing the band, Tom Lipsky [President, Lipsky Music LLC] presented a deal that worked and the timing was right," Rush manager Ray Danniels said in an announcement. "We wanted to be at a label focused on the rock genre -- and that's Roadrunner."

Since 1989, the Canadian trio -- Alex Lifeson, Geddy Lee and Neil Peart -- has released six studio albums through Atlantic, beginning with "Presto" and most recently, 2007's "Snakes & Arrows," which debuted at No. 3 on the Billboard 200. Before that, the band was at Mercury.

The group's next full-length studio album, a long-gestating work titled "Clockwork Angels," will be released in 2012 on Roadrunner. The delay -- a lead single, "Caravan," was released in June 2010 -- was due to the success of their Time Machine Tour, which just wrapped.

A first Roadrunner release will actually be a live album culled from the blockbuster tour. According to the label, details will be revealed in the coming weeks. Anthem/Universal Music will continue to release their music in Canada only. ...

... "In another life I worked with Rush and their great management team more than 30 years ago and to have Rush finally on the Roadrunner label is a dream come true," said Cees Wessels, Roadrunner Records Chairman.

Lipsky, who brokered the deal, remarked that Rush has a "tradition of excellence and independence, both in the studio and on the live stage, and they remain as prolific today as at any point in their career. We are excited to be their label partners."...

The above mention that the first Roadrunner release will actually be a live album culled from the blockbuster tour seems to confirm that a live CD will be accompanying the release of the band's upcoming live concert DVD Time Machine 2011: Live in Cleveland. Although it's still not clear whether the CD release will be included with the DVD or released separately. Thanks to John at for the heads up.

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#42 - Posted 2/22/12 @1:47PM by III [contact]

I wonder whether Atlantic will oversee the re-fix and re-release of Vapor Trails or will it be done on the Roadrunner label?
#41 - Posted 9/2/11 @11:59AM by chrxtopher [contact]

It will be interesting to see how the switch to Roadrunner changes things. I would guess that the new label might want to really make a big push with marketing and maybe with packaging. Or will it be business as usual with a different logo attached to the CD?
#40 - Posted 9/2/11 @3:41AM by patrush

I'm so glad that Ed mentioned Opeth.

Because Opeth is a F* awesome band.

Reminds me I need to get me tickets for the upcoming LA show.
#39 - Posted 9/1/11 @3:30PM by What-A-Rush

I suppose this signing is a good thing. I would think that at this point the guys would consider releasing the upcoming record on their own label. After all,their 1974 debut was released on Moon Records. Why not form their own "Rush Records"? That way total creative freedom is assured without any interference that would occur at a major label,or rather,what's left of them! Either way,good news to hear today for birthday #41 and counting! Thanks RIAB.
#38 - Posted 9/1/11 @10:36AM by dadof4 [contact]

Oh Yea!!! Love the live!!!
#37 - Posted 9/1/11 @8:25AM by Bytoryyz61 [contact]

New member here. I have been trolling the site for a couple years now to get all my latest Rush news and opinions. Thanks Ed everyone else. it has been very informative. i have been following Rush since 1978 and am going into my 5th decade of fandom. I just got a tatto for my 50th birthday that i put together of some album art from each of the decades. I live in Towson, Maryland and have travled all up and down the east coast and went to Toronto to see them. my son now is into and went to two Tme machine shows with me. I am hoping this record deal means a few more releases after Clockwork Angels as I approach 60. Man that was tough to say. anyway i wanted to say hi and thanks for all the info, banter, opinions, and love og their music as it means so much to all of us.
#36 - Posted 9/1/11 @8:04AM by sooboy [contact]

Interesting news...

Sign of the times that Rush is going from a major to more minor label. Have a look at the RIAA database (including US sales only - approx. 25m out of 40m worldwide sales):


All studio releases prior to 'Vapor Trails' are Gold, Platinum or Multi-Platinum. The last studio album to go gold (500,000+ units) was 'Test for Echo' in 1996 and the last studio album to go platinum (1,000,000+ units) was 'Roll the Bones' in 2001. Rush has had a few albums go gold since (compilations and live releases which are multi-disc). Don't forget that these figures are for number of 'units' or 'discs' sold versus complete packages (the compilations and live albums plus DVD/Blu-Ray videos were multi-disc releases thus a 2 disc release is considered 2 units in the calculations). For instance the 'R30' DVD release shows as 5x Multi-Platinum and although 500k 'units' or 'discs' were sold this equates to 250k complete packages since 'R30' was a 2 disc set. All studio albums are single units.

Their concert (and documentary) DVDs/Blu-Rays account for all recent gold (50,000+ units), platinum (100,000+ units) and multi-platinum (200,000+ units) releases.

Things I wonder:
1. How close is 'Moving Pictures' to 5x Muti-Platinum (achieved 4x Multi-Platinum in 1995 or 16 years ago)?
2. How close is '2112' to 4x Muti-Platinum (achieved 3x Multi-Platinum in 1995 also)?
3. How close is 'Test for Echo' to Platinum (achieved Gold status in 1996 or 15 years ago)?
4. Are any of the latest studio album releases 'Vapor Trails', 'Feedback' or 'Snakes & Arrows' close to Gold status at all?

Anyhow, they probably found a good home with Roadrunner...
#35 - Posted 9/1/11 @7:57AM by drmike [contact]

I hope it's at least a 10 record deal.... Great to hear the Time Machine Tour will have a CD release as well as the DVD/BluRay!!
#34 - Posted 9/1/11 @7:34AM by jupeguyowensound [contact]

I'm not an "artist" and someone can enlighten me on this, but the seeds of the whole ClockWork Angels idea were first sown in 2009 right? Well it's been so long since the idea was hatched wouldn't you kind of lose your enthusiasm with said project and already be moving on to something new? How can they still be "fired up" other than having the urgency to actually finish it! The only good thing for us fans is they will probably have fresh ideas and concepts apart from the "ClockWork Angels/Steampunk" theme right now.Don't get me wrong I love Caravan/BU2B and can't wait for the entire album, especially the EPIC...CA itself, and am only pondering how they have "held their fire" on this long, ongoing project.
#33 - Posted 9/1/11 @1:38AM by Pat [contact]

"they remain as prolific today as at any point in their career." I love Rush unconditionally, but Tom Lipsky needs to get out his dictionary and look up "prolific."

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