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Thu, Apr 25, 2024

New interviews with Geddy and Alex from the Brazilian press

Mon, Oct 11, 2010@2:21PM | comments removed/disabled

Rush is now halfway through the South American leg of the Time Machine Tour after playing shows in both Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro over the weekend. They'll move on to Chile and Argentina next weekend. There's a great deal of excitement in South America over the tour and Geddy Lee and Alex Lifeson have been making the rounds in the South American press over the last several days. Last week Geddy gave a great interview to Brazil's TV UOL which you can check out here. Geddy spoke about the Moving Pictures album, the Rush documentary, and the future of the band along with many other subjects including this bit regarding a possible tour DVD:

We record every night. We don't film every night but we have a lot of cameras around. So invariably by the time this show [Geddy may have meant to say this tour] is finished we'll put together some sort of live representation of it. What form that will take I'm not sure yet.

Geddy also had this update regarding the band's upcoming Clockwork Angels album:

The new album is still in production. We've recorded 2 songs so far. One of them called Caravan and the other one called Brought up to Believe [BU2B]. That's the beginning 2 songs of a whole kind of a concept album called Clockwork Angels. We have four other songs - five songs written but not recorded yet. And we still have a couple more songs that we want to write and then put the whole thing together. So I don't think the album will be ready for about a year.

Geddy reiterated some of these comments in an interview with Brazil's over the weekend. You can check out that interview at this link along with a loose English translation. And Alex Lifeson was interviewed for Brazil's last week. You can check out that interview at this link along with reader katskahnne's translation here. In this interview Alex was asked about the new album and whether there was a possibility of some long songs being on it:

Anything can happen. There exists a good possibility that we'll have longer songs on the next album. We've written six songs, and one is approximately nine minutes. I think we’ll have some "epic" songs on the album. It's not that we're trying to go back to the past, or to think about the future, it's more a question of what we feel and we write at the moment. (NOTE: katskahnne's translation)

Thanks to reader leandroleg for locating both of these interviews and also to katskahnne for their translation of the Alex interview.

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