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Tue, Jul 23, 2024

Henderson Brewing Company to release new book Toronto in 100 Beers with a foreword by Alex Lifeson

Tue, Jul 2, 2024@10:52PM | comments

Rush beer makers Henderson Brewing Company have announced the release of a new book titled Toronto In 100 Beers featuring a foreword from Rush's Alex Lifeson. From the website:

When we launched the Ides beer series way back in 2016 celebrating Toronto people, places, and stories, it was intended mainly as a fun way to inspire creative beers. 100 unique Ides beers later, we have two big announcements:

First, we've decided that Ides #100 will be the last. Second, we have a book coming out to celebrate these 100 beers and the often-amazing stories behind them!

Our neighbours at Anansi Press have worked with us to create 'Toronto in 100 Beers', a fun book that showcases the art, stories and anecdotes behind each beer. Featuring a foreword by Alex Lifeson of Rush.

The book is due out sometime next month, with pre-orders available on the website or at and other retailers. Thanks to Brave Words for the heads up.