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Sun, Apr 21, 2024

New PinTech LIVE interview with Rush pinball developers John Borg and Tim Sexton

Thu, Jan 27, 2022@7:37PM | comments

UPDATE - 2/3@1:56PM: Stern Pinball released a behind-the-scenes video of the machines being built in the factory which you can check out on YouTube here. You can also find locations that already have the machines available to play using (just search "Rush").

Earlier this month, Rush and Stern Pinball released a line of Rush pinball machines as detailed in this official announcement from the band and this video trailer giving a first look at the pinball machines. The machines are available in Pro, Premium, and Premium Limited Edition models, and include Rush music, concert footage and custom speech from Alex Lifeson and Geddy Lee. Stern Pinball's website also features dozens of photo's of the machines, videos of the specific model features, and a hilarious 4-minute, behind-the-scenes video of Alex Lifeson, Geddy Lee, and Ed Robertson of the Barenaked Ladies in the studio recording voice-overs. Robertson is an avid pinball machine collector and directed Ged and Al's voice-overs in the studio. The machine's Lead Designer, John Borg and Lead Programmer, Tim Sexton were guests on the latest episode of Marco Pinball's Pintech LIVE earlier today, and spoke at length with hosts Kyle Spiteri and Imoto Harney about the machine, their backgrounds in pinball development, their personal Rush fandom (John Borg is a HUGE fan), how they came up with the concept and design, how it was working with the band and Ed Robertson, and much more. They also spend a lot of time going over all the details about the game play, and gushing over the band. You can watch the entire 2-hour show below or on YouTube. The Rush pinball machines and accessories are available to order now through authorized Stern Pinball distributors and dealers around the world.