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Tue, Jul 23, 2024

Henderson Brewing Company Rush beer holiday packs now available for pre-order

Fri, Nov 19, 2021@10:18AM | comments

Back in August Rush teamed up with Henderson Brewing Company to release their first Rush-branded beer - Rush Canadian Golden Ale - and followed that up last month with Moving Pictures Ale. Yesterday they announced the release of a number of Rush beer holiday packs and began taking pre-orders. The packs available include a limited-edition Rush Starman 6 Pack Carrier made of baltic birch plywood and pine. The carriers can be purchased as a standalone item, or full of a 6-pack of Rush Canadian Golden Ale, and also as a bundle including a pair of YYZ pint glasses. There's also an Ultimate Rush x Henderson Holiday Pack which includes 24 cans of Rush Canadian Golden Ale in special case box, 4 YYZ Rush Pint glasses, 100 pack of Rush x Henderson coasters, Rush Golden Ale, Rush Golden Ale T-shirt, and 1 Moving Pictures Belgian Ale bottle. Please note that bundles containing alcohol cannot be shipped to the USA or Quebec. All of the Rush beer packs are currently available for pre-order here and will begin shipping out on December 6th.