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Sun, Jul 14, 2024

Rush Moving Pictures 40th anniversary box set release looking unlikely

Tue, Feb 16, 2021@12:29PM | comments

UPDATE - 6/28@9:20AM: I'd mentioned below that there's always the possibility of a release closer to the Holidays, and that seems to be exactly what will happen. Rush album artist Hugh Syme hosted an art exhibit opening at the Ao5 Gallery in Houston this past weekend and confirmed to fans in attendance that just he had submitted the final artwork for the Moving Pictures 40th anniversary box set just last week (thanks Fletch G and Stevie D). So it definitely looks like we'll see the release sometime this fall.

This past Friday, February 12th, Rush's Moving Pictures album celebrated its 40th anniversary. Over the past several years, Rush has released 40th anniversary editions of 2112, A Farewell to Kings, Hemispheres, and Permanent Waves, so it had been expected that they'd give Moving Pictures a similar treatment. However, based on a new banner ad being displayed on the Rush Backstage Club website, along with the lack of news about a potential release in the lead-up to the anniversary, it's now looking more and more unlikely that a 40th anniversary box set is in the works. The banner ad in question has a tagline reading Celebrate the 40th anniversary of Moving Pictures; Limited Quantity Archive Items & New Moving Pictures T-Shirt Now Available and is pushing older Moving Pictures merchandise including the band's special 30th anniversary edition of the album. It's unlikely they'd be doing this if they had any other major release celebrating the anniversary in the works. Former Anthem-Ole AR rep Andy Curran was heavily involved with the production of all the other 40th anniversary box sets, and the fact that he is no longer working for Anthem could be a factor as well. It's always still possible that they will release something closer to the Holidays. More information as we learn it. Thanks to Eric at Power Windows for the heads up.