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Fri, Dec 18, 2020@11:25AM | comments

Modern Drummer magazine's 20th annual Modern Drummer Festival took place this past September 12th on what would have been the late Neil Peart's 68th birthday as a virtual, livestreamed, pay-per-view event produced by LiveXLive. The event was a huge success, and included an all-star tribute to Peart, with record attendance and ticket sales. One of the drummers who participated in the event was current Styx drummer Todd Sucherman. This past week Sucherman posted his 13 for NP tribute from the event to his YouTube channel which you can watch online here. From the video description:

"13 for NP" was my contribution to the Modern Drummer Festival Neil Peart Tribute. I tried my best to compose a piece that honored a man who always composed his parts, and it was an honor to be asked to participate in this tribute. As well, it was fun to compose this tribute to pay my respects. "13 for NP" is in 13/8 subdivided 2-2-3-3-3 or 2-2-3-2-2-2 or 2-2-2-2-2-3. Thanks to Modern Drummer Magazine, JR Taylor and Eric Dorris for audio & video, and to Neil.

PopMatters posted a list of the 20 Best Album Re-Issues of 2020 this past week, and Rush's 40th anniversary reissue of Permanent Waves - released earlier this year - made the cut at #10. Moving Pictures will be celebrating the 40th anniversary of its 1981 release this coming February, and it's expected that Rush will also be releasing a 40th anniversary box set to commemorate that occasion at some point in 2021. In addition to the Permanent Waves set this year, over the past few years, they've released 40th anniversary editions of 2112, A Farewell to Kings and Hemispheres. No details on the anticipated Moving Pictures box set have been made available as of yet, so stay tuned.

Ultimate Classic Rock posted their list of 53 Fascinating Albums Turning 25 in 2021 this past week, including Rush's Test for Echo:

Following a three year gap between albums, prog-rock giants Rush returned in 1996 with their 16th studio album 'Test for Echo.' The LP offered a broader sound than the band had previously featured, thanks partially to Neil Peart having taken drum lessons. Yes, one of the greatest drummers in the history of rock went back to school, learning to master the "traditional" jazz-style technique. "What I've realized is that traditional grip can be a more musical approach to playing the drums," Peart explained to 'Modern Drummer.' "It all has to do with the rotational effect it creates and the way it affects the time." The result was an album full of strong melodies and driving rhythms, which went on to earn gold status in the U.S.

Country musician Lyle Lovett conducted a livestream chat with Elvis Costello via Lovett's YouTube channel this past Friday. At one point the pair discuss the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremonies and Costello praises Alex Lifeson's infamous blah speech from Rush's 2013 induction. You can watch the video on YouTube at this location with the Lifeson mention coming in around the 17:20 mark (thanks Will C).

Ultimate Classic Rock's Ken Kelley posted an article this past week on how Rush paved the way for the success of Bob and Doug McKenzie's 1981 comedy LP The Great White North. The article gives a history of how Rush's Anthem label became involved with the project, Geddy Lee's vocal contribution, and more:

... the McKenzie brothers' biggest coup was landing Rush bassist-vocalist Geddy Lee for a cameo appearance on "Take Off." ... "That was so fun," Lee told the A.V. Club in 2015. "Rick Moranis and I went to school together when we were really little. For about six years in a row, we were in the same class. And then when he was getting involved in that whole Bob and Doug thing, and it was really starting to become successful, they wanted to do this sort of pop song, and they naturally thought of me, which was nice." ... "I went down to the studio and we put that together in 15 minutes or something. It was really just off-the-cuff," Lee said. "The producer said, 'Here's the lyrics - have a go. The guys will be in a studio with you and you can just kibitz with them, and we'll record everything.' And [Moranis and Dave Thomas] were in character, and I was singing with a toque on." ...

DRUM! magazine posted an interview this past week with Incubus drummer José Pasillas where he lays out Six Grooves Every Drummer Should Nail, including Rush's Tom Sawyer:

As far as progressive rock, the complexity of the arrangement is challenging in itself. From the arrangement to the transitions to the drum break in the very middle, this is just a great song. The parts themselves are very complicated, and it's this five-minute song of very calculated, complex music. I love playing to that song in particular, because Neil Peart plays really complex parts, then plays really open, and then he'll start playing complicated again.

Destination Ontario is running a new ad promoting local businesses which uses an arrangement of Rush's Closer to the Heart as seen below or in this Facebook video (thanks RushFanForever).

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