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Tue, Jul 23, 2024

Rush record label and rights management company ole rebrands as Anthem Entertainment

Thu, Jun 6, 2019@2:30PM | comments

Back in May of 2014, rights management company ole announced that they had purchased Core Music, the 40-year home of Rush's music publishing, and that they would be managing the music publishing affairs of the band for the foreseeable future. Then in November of 2015 they took things one step further, acquiring Rush's record label and home for over 40 years - Anthem Entertainment Group. The band has been under the ole label since then, and in the latest turn of events, ole announced yesterday that they would be rebranding themselves using the iconic Anthem name (thanks Joe P):

ole, the Canadian music publishing company, is being rebranded as Anthem Entertainment. Founded in 2004, ole has grown into one of the largest independent music publishers through a diversified portfolio that includes, hip-hop, rock and country as well as a significant presence in film, TV and production music. About six months ago, former founder and CEO Robert Ott left the company and was replaced by longtime music industry executive Helen Murphy. In choosing a new name, Murphy went with an acquired brand Anthem that it purchased in 2015, the record label that included Rush on its roster. ...

You can check out the new company website at