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Tue, Jun 6, 2023

Police drummer Stewart Copeland remembers throwing bombs at Rush in new interview

Fri, Jul 20, 2018@12:02PM | comments

Police drummer Stewart Copeland has been hosting Classic Rock Week on HDNET Movies this week, and has been sharing stories in between airings of documentaries, such as Rush: The Rise of Kings, which will be tonight's featured documentary. Ultimate Classic Rock has released an exclusive video clip from the program where Copeland shares a story about how The Police threw bombs at Rush back when they were an up-and-coming punk band.

They're Canadian. They are the best guys on the planet. I don't know if being Canadian has anything to do with it, but Rush are one of the best hangs in show business. Back when my band, the Police, was a struggling punk rock [band], just trying to make noise and cause attention and throwing bombs wherever we could. Rush? That's some place where we threw bombs. ... And years later, it turns out Rush -- [the] guys in the band -- Neil Peart, is so Canadian that he didn't even mind. And we became really great friends in spite of the fact that we used to criticize his band when we were just trying to get attention. I think he's old and wise and Canadian enough to understand all that. They couldn't be nicer if they were New Zealanders, also a nation that only produces good people.

Copeland has spoken in the past about his friendship with Peart and his involvement with Copeland's Sacred Grove jam sessions.