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Mon, Jun 24, 2024

Official Rush merchandise from FANTOONS available at San Diego Comic-Con

Wed, Jul 13, 2016@11:16AM | comments

FANTOONS - creators of the Rush Toons book - debuted some of their official Rush merchandise at Phoenix Comicon last month and will have even more Rush goodies available at the San Diego Comic-Con next week (booth N10). For those who can't make it to San Diego, they have also set up an Etsy store where you can pre-order most of the merch, including some neat new prints and some cool election-themed t-shirts and buttons. For those of you who don't know, FANTOONS is an on-going comic strip based on Rush and some other great bands that was created by David Calcano back in 2012. If you follow rushisaband on Facebook and/or Twitter, you've likely run across some of the amazing Rush-themed comic art from FANTOONS that I've shared over the last few years. You can check out some samples of their work on Facebook and at Last year they released a 170-page Rush Toons book filled with comics and artwork featuring our favorite band Rush. I had the honor of writing the book's foreword and highly recommend it; it's a definite must have for any Rush fan.