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Sun, Jun 16, 2024

Geddy Lee and Alex Lifeson discuss the history of Rush from Permanent Waves to Power Windows

Fri, Jun 24, 2016@11:13AM | comments has posted the third part of their interview with Geddy Lee and Alex Lifeson where the pair reflect on the history of Rush. They had posted the first and second parts back in February. In this installment they discuss the period from Permanent Waves on through Power Windows. Here's Geddy on Power Windows:

... Alex did play some great stuff on that record. Like on Mystic Rhythms. Without the guitar riff, that song doesn't work. And I really like the sound of that album. I thought it was a really strong production. There are some great songs on that record. I like Middletown Dreams a lot - you know, every once in a while we write a good melody! Overall, I thought Power Windows was a great accomplishment for us. But maybe not so much on the couple of albums after that - Hold Your Fire and Presto. On those records the keyboards were still present, but not in so positive a way. That was making the case, once again, for realigning the sound ...

You can read the entire third part of the interview here.