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Fri, Apr 12, 2024

Ole's Andy Curran on upcoming Rush releases and the possibility of new Rush music

Fri, May 20, 2016@9:45AM | comments

Ole Label Services general manager/A&R and former Anthem A&R executive Andy Curran recently sat down with FYI Music News to talk about how Ole's recent acquisition of Anthem has been going. Ole acquired longtime Rush label Anthem back in November of last year. Part of what he's been doing since the acquisition is prepping long-unavailable Anthem titles for reissue digitally, on CD and on vinyl. He's also been prepping a couple of new Rush releases for release later this year:

... "I think the first year will be pretty selective in terms of what we're going to do," Curran admits. "I don't think we're going to blow our brains out and go from five or six acts to 20 acts. But the appetite to bring in and work on more projects is definitely present."

In the meantime, Curran and label services manager Tyler Tasson, who accompanied him from SRO Management - pre-ole co-owners (along with Rush members Geddy Lee, Alex Lifeson and Neil Peart) of the Anthem Music Group and Mark-Cain Publishing (which ole purchased, along with associated masters, in March 2015) - have plenty of work to keep them occupied.

Aside from prepping the 40th anniversary deluxe edition of 2112 and a documentary of Rush's R40 tour that is looking to be released in 2016's fourth quarter, Curran is pouring over the catalogue to prep long-unavailable titles for reissue, digitally, on CD and on vinyl. ...

So it sounds like the band will be releasing yet another special deluxe edition of 2112 later this year, along with the R40 Live tour documentary that we've been expecting since last year's tour ended. The band in conjunction with Fadoo Productions had documentary crews on hand throughout the R40 Live tour and at RushCon last year, talking to fans and documenting some of the shows. The band just released a special 5.1 deluxe edition of 2112 back in 2012 along with last year's special vinyl hologram edition of the album, so it's not clear what format is left to release the album in ... maybe cassette or 8-track?! Curran also feels confident that Rush will eventually be releasing new music:

... despite the trio announcing their retirement from global touring, Curran feels positive that Rush will be writing, recording and releasing more music.

"If I was a gambling man, I would say those guys are going to record some more music," Curran says. "The live component is certainly a question mark with Neil, but they're still quite young at heart. I don't see those guys sitting still for too long and we'll be working with them in the future." ...

You can read the entire article/interview online here.