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Fri, Jun 2, 2023

Alex Lifeson Guitar Connoisseur Magazine interview now available online

Thu, May 12, 2016@10:18AM | comments

Alex Lifeson's Guitar Connoisseur Magazine interview from back in March, previously only available via the Apple News app, is now also available for reading at the Guitar Connoisseur Magazine website here. The interview was conducted by Toronto guitarist David Barrett of the David Barrett Trio, who Alex Lifeson has worked with as a producer in the past. The article is titled Alex Lifeson: Songwriter, Producer & Musician and in it Alex talks about his solo on Clockwork Angels' The Garden, his R40 Live tour rig setup, his various signature guitars, his early guitar influences and the possibility of him ever making another solo album:

... What I enjoyed most about making [Victor] was the variety of the material. It was a wonderful opportunity for me to explore and expand on certain genres of music that were not necessarily open to me within the context of Rush. The workload was relentless, and I seemed to be working on that album every day for a year, but it was enormously satisfying for me as a songwriter, producer, and musician. I don't have the same drive to jump into a project like Victor at the moment, but I do have hours of material that does inspire me to at least consider such a thing. ...

You can read the complete article online here.