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Sat, May 27, 2023

Rush R40 Live tour Las Vegas open thread

Sat, Jul 25, 2015@1:12PM | comments

UPDATE - 8/1@11:35AM: Here's a small set of photos from the Las Vegas Informer.

UPDATE - 7/31@9:35AM: Here's a review from Las Vegas Weekly (thanks John at

UPDATE - 7/30@3:22PM: Here's a review from

UPDATE - 7/27@7:48AM: Here's a review from the Las Vegas Sun.

UPDATE - 7/26@9:18AM: Here's a photo gallery from, and a gallery from the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

UPDATE - 7/25@11:28PM: Rush is 2 songs into the first set and it definitely does look like they are pulling out setlist A.

UPDATE - 7/25@10:59PM: I've received a couple of reports of fans spotting setlist A posted in the sound booth, and one fan directly asking Howard (thanks Barchetta2112) and him saying A as well. So I've changed the anticipated setlist to A for the time being. We should know by the 2nd song either way. Have fun Vegas!!

Date/Time: Saturday, July 25th @ 8:00PM
Show Number: 32
Venue: MGM Grand Garden Arena
Place: Las Vegas, NV
Twitter: #R40LAS | #R40Live
Instagram: #R40LAS
YouTube: Las Vegas Rush R40 Live Tour
Setlist: Version A
Photos: | Las Vegas Review-Journal | Las Vegas Informer
Reviews: Las Vegas Sun | | Las Vegas Weekly

Vegas baby! Rush takes the R40 Live tour to Sin City tonight to play the MGM Grand Garden Arena for the 32nd and fourth-to-last show of the tour. After tonight the band will play the final stretch of three shows next week in Phoenix, Irvine and Los Angeles. The band has been playing their 3-setlist rotation in reverse since last week's special show in Vancouver, playing setlist B in Seattle, A in Portland, and C in San Jose. So we are expecting setlist B for the Vegas crowd (UPDATE: guessing it'll be A now). For more discussion on the potential setlist along with a preview of the show, check out the pre-show SPOILER review below the fold. Val Tapia wrote a preview of this and the Phoenix show for the East Valley Tribune where he counts down his Top 10 best Rush albums. I haven't caught wind of any pre-show gatherings as of yet, so if you know of any just post them in the comments or let me know. Doors at the venue open at 6:30PM with the show scheduled to start at 8PM, so Rush should be hitting the stage around 8:15-ish (PST, 11:15PM EST). For everyone going tonight, have fun, be safe and make sure to share your reports, reviews, photos and video with us. RUSH!!!!!

*** WARNING ***







*** pre-show SPOILER review *** As I'd mentioned above, Rush has been playing their 3-setlist rotation in reverse since last week's special G-setlist show with Ben Mink and Losing It in Vancouver. The Vancouver set was a C variation, and they then played setlist B in Seattle, A in Portland, and C in San Jose. So if they continue this pattern, Vegas should see the B set tonight, Phoenix will get A, Irvine C, and we expect another Losing It set for Los Angeles next Saturday.

Photos from Instagram using hashtag #R40LAS: