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Sun, Jul 14, 2024

Custom Gibson Limited Edition Alex Lifeson R40 Les Paul Axcess now available

Sat, May 23, 2015@11:14AM | comments

UPDATE - 6/5@9:16AM: Rush officially announced the guitar on June 3rd and additionally stated that there will be a limited run of signed guitars made available as well:

... A run of 50 guitars are hand-signed and played by Alex himself, and an additional 250 guitars are available in unsigned versions-all with 5A quilt maple tops in a lush Ruby Red R40 finish. Both signed and unsigned versions feature a Limited Edition "Starman" R40 die cast medallion covering the Rhythm/Treble Switch access cavity. ...

The guitars are available exclusively at Guitar Center and Musician's Friend in the US and at Long and McQuade locations throughout Canada.

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Gibson has made available a Limited Edition Alex Lifeson R40 Les Paul Axcess in celebration of Rush's 40th anniversary. From the Guitar Center website:

... Gibson Custom presents the Limited Edition Alex Lifeson R40 Les Paul Axcess offered in a run of 200 guitars with 5A quilt maple tops in a lush Ruby Red R40 finish. It also features a Limited Edition "Starman" R40 die-caste medallion covering the rhythm/treble switch access cavity.

Created through extensive work with Alex Lifeson himself, the Gibson Custom Signed Alex Lifeson 40th Anniversary Les Paul Axcess Quilt similarly redefines the boundaries of the classic Les Paul: packed in a single remarkable instrument, this guitar carries all of the traditional tones that have made the Les Paul legendary, along with unprecedented levels of sonic and performance versatility.

In addition to its traditional Les Paul tonewoods, the Alex Lifeson Les Paul Axcess carries two high-output humbucking pickups with series/parallel wiring options via its push-pull volume controls, and a Floyd Rose licensed unit that not only provides the world's most efficient vibrato system, but is also loaded with Graph Tech Ghost piezo bridge saddles. ...

You can get all the details at the Guitar Center website here, and there's also this video of Alex Lifeson talking about the guitar (thanks Thomas O):