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Thu, May 30, 2024

Rush and Ray Danniels to be honored at Juno Gala Dinner and Awards ceremony this evening

Sat, Mar 14, 2015@4:45PM | comments

UPDATE - 3/20@12:07PM: Here are a few sound bites from a post-ceremony interview with Geddy from London's FM96 (thanks Don C).

UPDATE - 3/16@7:17AM: Here's Geddy's backstage interview from the ceremony (thanks RushFanForever).

----- snip -----

UPDATE - 3/15@9:28PM: Some more coverage of the event from The Hamilton Spectator and the CBC (thanks RushFanForever).

UPDATE - 3/15@9:22PM: Here's a nice gallery of photos from the ceremony from the Canadian Music Scene.

UPDATE - 3/15@9:19PM: And another one! This is a longer, 3-minute post-ceremony interview Geddy did with Sirius XM. You can check it out below or at this location (thanks Don C):

----- snip -----

UPDATE - 3/15@4:43PM: Here's yet another video of Geddy Lee from the press room after the Juno Awards yesterday (thanks RushFanForever). Ged talks about what it takes to keep a band together for 40 years.

UPDATE - 3/15@9:18AM: Here's some video of Ray Danniels in the press room after receiving his Award. He talks about the R40 Tour and whether this will be Rush's last major tour or not.

UPDATE - 3/15@9:03AM: Here's another short video interview segment with Geddy from the ceremony where he reveals his favorite Rush song (thanks Don C).

UPDATE - 3/14@11:01PM: Here's a short video of Geddy speaking after the ceremony:

UPDATE - 3/14@9:33PM: Calgary Mayor, Naheed Nenshi just presented the Allan Waters Humanitarian Award to Rush not long ago, and Geddy Lee was on hand to accept the award on the band's behalf. You can check out a bunch of photos of Geddy and tweets from the ceremony on Twitter here.

UPDATE - 3/14@7:46PM: Ray Danniels just received his award and is currently giving his acceptance speech on the livestream. They played a very nice tribute video to Ray that included segments from all 3 members of Rush (all in different locations) along with SRO/Anthem's Pegi Cecconi.

Both Rush and their manager Ray Danniels will be honored at the 2015 Juno Gala Dinner & Awards ceremony this evening in Hamilton, ON. Rush will be the recipient of the 2015 Allan Waters Humanitarian Award which recognizes outstanding Canadian artists whose contributions have positively enhanced the social fabric of Canada. Geddy Lee will be on hand to accept the award on Rush's behalf. Alex Lifeson gave several interviews this past week in the lead-up to the ceremony to discuss Rush's charitable endeavors and what the Award means to the band. Here's what he told Billboard Canada in an article posted on Thursday:

... "It's really nice to get this acknowledgement, but honestly, this is something that's just a duty for everyone," he says. "Lots of people are generous and do things like this, and it's the right thing, I think, when you're in a position to help those who are needy or less fortunate. Then it's kind of our duty as human beings to do that, and it's not a big deal. I can't remember [certain details] because I don't really think about it." ... "It's like paying it forward," ... "We're so fortunate in so many ways, and if you can just help out, in any way you can, I think that's a great way to do it." ...

The article went on to list all of Rush's major charitable contributions over the years. Lifeson also gave interviews with the Canadian Press and the Toronto Sun. Rush's longtime manager Ray Danniels will be presented with the 2015 Walt Grealis Special Achievement Award recognizing individuals who have made a significant impact on the Canadian music industry. Danniels was recently interviewed by Larry LeBlanc of Celebrity Access to discuss his Award, Rush, and his 40-year career in the music business. Ray had a lot to say about recent deals with Roadrunner Records and Ole, the current state of the music industry and how Rush fits in to it all. The Juno Gala Dinner & Awards ceremony takes place this evening and will be streaming live online at this location beginning at 6PM EST:

Watch as 35 awards are given out at the JUNO Gala Dinner & Awards Presented by SiriusXM Canada, including a special appearance by Rush accepting the Allan Waters Humanitarian Award and Ray Danniels accepting the Walt Grealis Special Achievement Award. Hosted by Jessi Cruickshank, the Gala will feature performances by Alvvays, Dallas Smith, Matt Andersen, Daniel Lanois and more! The JUNO Gala Dinner & Awards Livestream is in partnership with eOne Canada.

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