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Mon, Jun 24, 2024

Full episodes of VH1 Classic's That Metal Show and Rock Icons featuring Geddy Lee now online

Sun, Feb 22, 2015@5:20PM | comments

UPDATE - 2/25@4:50PM: VH1 Classic has posted a bonus video from the Rock Icons episode where Geddy gives us a look inside his bass room.

UPDATE - 2/22@8:24PM: VH1 Classic posted a few bonus videos from last night's That Metal Show including a 4-minute, backstage bonus interview with Geddy, Geddy talking about The Who in this 1-minute video, Geddy discussing Rush's debut album, a few more miscellaneous questions for Ged in this short interview, and Geddy talks with Jennifer about his fitness routine here.

Rush fans got their fill of Geddy Lee on TV last night. Geddy was the special guest on the season 14 debut episode of VH1 Classic's That Metal Show and was also featured on the series premiere of VH1 Classic's Rock Icons immediately following the debut episode of That Metal Show. The full episodes of both shows are now available for viewing online at the VH1 Classic website. In his That Metal Show interview Geddy spoke about the upcoming R40 tour and how difficult it is to whittle down the setlist which he jokingly stated is currently 5 hours long. He mentioned that the band is currently rehearsing separately and they'll begin band rehearsals in April. Host Eddie Trunk asked Geddy whether the R40 Tour would be a farewell tour and Geddy had the following to say:

... it's clear that we are at a point in our career that we have to slow down - and slow down dramatically. So, I'm not a guy who's in love with the farewell tour idea, but it's clear that this is going to be the last big tour that we're going to do for a while, anyway ... In terms of 'are we still a band?,' yeah, of course we're still a band. Do we talk about writing? Yes, we talk about writing. Will we do gigs in the future? I don't see why not. But, when you are talking about a tour that's 35 shows, 40 shows, 50 shows at our age at this point in our lives, I don't know how many of those are still left in us. ...

He also did not want to reveal any details about the tour or setlist and spoil the surprise, but he did say that it will be "a celebration of our entire history". In the final interview segment they put Geddy through the lightning round where he revealed his love of The Who and that his favorite concert he ever attended was Jethro Tull's Thick as a Brick. They then had Geddy rank the first 9 Rush albums from favorite to least favorite. Geddy's rankings starting with his favorite were Moving Pictures, Permanent Waves, 2112, Hemispheres, A Farewell to Kings, Rush, Signals, Caress of Steel and Fly by Night. He then went on to explain his choices. He stuck around for the throwdown segment where they pitted All the World's a Stage (Eddie, Geddy and Jim's pick) against Exit ... Stage Left (Don Jamieson and John Petrucci's pick). You can watch the entire episode below or at this location. VH1 Classic also posted an 8-minute That After Show clip with Geddy Lee and John Petrucci which you can check out at this location.

Geddy's Rock Icons episode was basically a 20-minute, mini-documentary on Geddy Lee from Banger Films, so it had the same kind of feel as Beyond the Lighted Stage. It featured interview segments with Geddy's bandmates, his mother, his friend Dave Bidini and Paul Northfield. You can watch the entire episode below or at this location (thanks Douglas K).

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