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Mon, May 20, 2024

The 12 Months of Rush continues with the release of a special Hologram Edition of 2112 on vinyl

Sat, Feb 21, 2015@10:51PM | comments

Rush announced back in December that they will be releasing all of the Mercury-era Rush albums on vinyl along with a few select titles on Blu-ray audio throughout 2015. They are calling it the 12 Months of Rush, as they will be releasing one or two titles a month each month. They started with Fly By Night which released last month (Vinyl, Blu-ray Audio), and will continue with Caress of Steel on vinyl this coming Tuesday, February 24th. Next up after that is 2112 on March 17th, and during the season premiere of That Metal Show this evening they announced that the 2112 vinyl reissue will be a special Hologram Edition as described in this press release:

... Pressed on high fidelity 200gram vinyl, this unique Hologram Edition showcases a custom, hand- of the "Red Star of the Federation" in the album's dead wax runout of side two. To reveal the spinning hologram, fans can use any focused source of light, such as the LED flashlight on a smartphone, directly above the turntable while playing. ...

They also posted a 1-minute demo video to their YouTube channel which you can check out below or at this location. The 2112 vinyl edition along with all the other vinyl titles will be reissued on high-quality vinyl with a 320kbps MP4 Digital Audio download code, with Fly By Night, A Farewell to Kings and Signals also getting a Blu-ray Audio release. Fly By Night is already available on vinyl and/or Blu-ray Audio, and you can pre-order Caress of Steel, 2112 and several of the other titles at the links below:

Caress of Steel (02/24/15) - Vinyl
2112 (03/17/15) - Vinyl
All the World's a Stage (03/17/15) - Vinyl
A Farewell to Kings (04/21/15) - Vinyl | Blu-ray Audio
Hemispheres (05/19/15) - Vinyl
Permanent Waves (06/16/15) - Vinyl
Moving Pictures (07/21/15) - Vinyl
Exit ... Stage Left (07/21/15) - Vinyl
Signals (08/18/15) - Vinyl | Blu-ray Audio
Grace Under Pressure (09/15/15) - Vinyl

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