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Sun, Jul 14, 2024

Neil Peart drum tech Lorne Wheaton on the new R40 kit in video interview from NAMM

Tue, Feb 3, 2015@10:05AM | comments

Neil Peart drum tech Lorne Wheaton unveiled Neil Peart's new R40 drum kit last month at the 2015 NAMM Show in Anaheim, CA. While there Lorne took some time out to speak with DRUM-Line magazine's Evil Ed Nijjer about the kit and what fans can expect on the R40 Live tour (thanks Sean):

... For this next tour we're not going to be using the full V-Drum kit on the back. We are not going to be spinning. It's going to be full-tilt Rush songs and there will probably be a whole lot of old stuff in [the set] ...

So it sounds like Rush may be going old school for the tour? Hmmm. You can check out the full interview with Lorne below or on YouTube at this location. There are some photos of the new kit available here and here, along with this video walkthrough of DW's booth at NAMM including Neil's kit at about the 1:10 mark. And last week DW released a 4-minute video of Neil Peart discussing the kit which you can check out at this location. Drum Workshop also announced at NAMM that the Neil Peart R40 14x6.5 snare drum will be available for purchase this spring. Neil Peart will be Jim Ladd's guest on his Sirius XM Deep Tracks radio show (Sirius XM Channel 27) this evening at 9PM EST to chat about Neil's new book Far and Near: On Days Like These and the upcoming R40 tour. So maybe Neil will elaborate a bit more on the kit and what we can expect from the tour.