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Sun, Jun 16, 2024

New Geddy Lee interview with the Halifax Chronicle Herald

Wed, Jul 10, 2013@6:02PM | comments removed/disabled

In the lead up to this coming weekend's back-to-back Rush shows in Halifax, the Halifax Chronicle Herald posted a new interview with Geddy Lee that was conducted just prior to the summer leg of the Clockwork Angels tour. Geddy talks about the Clockwork Angels album and tour, and addresses the conceptual nature of the album:

... It was an interesting trip because we got away from making those kinds of records. We continued to make concept records, we just didn't tell anyone. So nobody commented on that; I guess they didn't put two and two together, but it is quite different when we go out there and say, 'Yes, it's a concept record.' You can connect the songs in a more overt way as we express the concept in a visual sense, especially in our live show and so on. It was quite a job, making sure that it had the right tone. We wanted it to be progressive, but we didn't want to sound too 'proggy.' We wanted it to rock, but it still has to follow a storyline and have its more contemplative moments. It was really a difficult job to deal with the concept in the right light, but the music came quite easily, quite naturally, and that was a blessing for the record. ...

You can read the entire article/interview at this location. Rush will play back-to-back shows at the Halifax Metro Centre this coming Friday and Sunday.

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