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Wed, Feb 28, 2024

Rush 2013 Clockwork Angels tour Quebec City open thread

Wed, Jul 10, 2013@11:49AM | comments removed/disabled

UPDATE - 7/19@5:32PM: To make up for the six songs that fans in Quebec City missed, the band decided to record the July 12th Halifax show and make the audio of these 6 tracks available online at the Festival website. The audio will be available for the next 24 hours at the Festival website here - just click on the Remix for Quebec player on the right of the page. Thanks to Nathan for the heads up.

UPDATE - 7/12@7:27AM: Here's a review from The Scene Magazine.

UPDATE - 7/11@3:05PM: Rush has released a statement regarding having to prematurely end last night's concert due to weather:

"My bandmates and I are extremely disappointed and apologetic over the sudden and unexpected ending of our show last night at the Festival D'ete de Quebec. The lightning storm that was approaching made it extremely dangerous for all the technicians working the sound and lights and there was a high risk to the audience members as well as the musicians on stage. We were enjoying the show tremendously at the time and we were hoping we could get the whole show finished before the storm returned but unfortunately we were unlucky and were forced to end the show for the safety of all concerned. Thanks to all of our amazing fans for braving the weather and once again our sincere apologies for what had transpired. Hope to see you all again soon!!!" -- Geddy Lee

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UPDATE - 7/11@1:17PM: Here are a couple of French language reviews. Here's one review (English translation here) from Le Journal de Quebec, and another review (English translation here) from Le Soleil (thanks mtl2112).

UPDATE - 7/11@12:09PM: You can vote for Rush as the best act of the Festival in their Miroir Awards at this link (thanks Sean).

UPDATE - 7/11@10:33AM: Here's a photo gallery that was posted over at

UPDATE - 7/11@7:55AM: Unfortunately the show was cut short due to weather towards the end of the second set (thanks mtl2112). It was the normal Night A - version 4 setlist, but just cut short; complete setlist here. Official photos have also been posted over at

UPDATE - 7/10@10:05PM: Reader mtl2112 also reports that there were French subtitles in the intermission video and Geddy spoke a good bit of French for the crowd.

UPDATE - 7/10@9:59PM: They did not end up having to play a shorter, festival setlist and instead look to be playing their Night A - version 4 set (thanks mtl2112).

Rush plays their second Canadian festival show this week when they take the Clockwork Angels tour to the Quebec City Summer Festival tonight. They headlined the Ottawa Bluesfest Monday night, playing one of their truncated, 2-hour festival setlists instead of the full 3-hour show. Tonight's crowd may also be seeing one of the shorter sets, as the band is scheduled for a later-than-usual, 8:30 start. As soon as I find out if this is the case, I'll post it here. Otherwise they are due to play a Night A set. For all the Quebec fans going to the show, have fun, stay safe, and be sure to share your photos, videos and reports with us. Rush on!!!

Date/Time: Wednesday, July 10th @ 8:30PM
Show Number: 29
Venue: Quebec City Summer Festival
Place: Quebec City, QC

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