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Wed, Nov 13, 2019

Rush as Food charity dinner held this past week in Toronto

Sat, Jul 21, 2012@4:31PM | comments

In celebration of Rush and the Clockwork Angels album release, Toronto-based chef Matt Kantor interpreted and deconstructed the music of Rush into a nine-course dinner that was held this past week at The Cookbook Store in Yorkville (Toronto). Fans who paid $150 a plate were treated to a gourmet meal that included a variety of Rush-themed dishes including a red bruschetta inspired by Rush's Red Barchetta, a lime-flavoured meringue inspired by Limelight, and the centerpiece of the meal - the La Villa Strangiato. From The National Post:

... As the centrepiece of an epic, ninecourse prog-dinner extravaganza at The Cookbook Store in Rush's hometown Toronto, Kantor served up a wild-looking dish in which [La Villa Strangiato]'s various movements were represented side-by-side. There was a lamb ball with dill on top of a spinach-and-yogurt purée (the Hellenic Danforth and Pape), calamari tentacles dyed with beet juice (Monsters!), tapioca "caviar" soaked in paprika and oil (The Ghost of Aragon), octopus with a deep-fried chickpea (Monsters! (Reprise)) - And somehow, as in Rush's song, the parts came together into a whole - in this case, a salty-and-sweet Mediterranean dish - that made sense of its sprawling list of ingredients. ...

All proceeds from the meal went towards the late Andrew McNaughtan's Art Gives Hope charity. Blogger Brilynn Ferguson was there and posted this gallery of photos from the event.