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Mon, Aug 15, 2022

Neil Peart to appear on Jim Ladd's Sirius XM radio show tonight

Wed, Jun 13, 2012@5:27PM | comments

UPDATE - 6/14@9:40AM: Reader Most Endangered Species gave a great summary of last night's interview in the comments (comment #25). Here are some of the highlights:

... The format of the interview was a track by track discussion of the whole Clockwork Angels storyline, with Neil reading the prose from the liner notes leading into the playing of each of the 12 songs in order, with brief interview questions before/after each song that shed light on what we'll see in the novel. Seemed that Ladd did his homework about the songs and the storyline, and he gathered several questions from a colleague at Sirius who is a big Rush fan. ... Neil said he just finished recording the audiobook and joked that because of that he was very warmed up to read these liner notes intros. ... When asked if they'd ever consider adding other pieces to their tour, Neil gave sort of a long stammering pause (seeming to choose his words carefully) before saying they are "talking about" augmenting the live performances with an orchestra. The way he stumbled at the beginning of his answer led me to the same conclusion as #14 below, that he let the cat out of the bag. ...

So the rumor that the band may tour with an orchestra or string section may not just be a rumor after all.

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Just a reminder that Neil Peart will be a guest on Jim Ladd's radio show on SiriusXM Deep Tracks channel 27 tonight. His show begins at 7PM EST and Neil is scheduled to appear at 9PM EST.