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Sat, May 18, 2024

Rush reference on season 3 finale of FX's Archer

Fri, Mar 23, 2012@1:26AM | comments removed/disabled

There was yet another Rush reference on FX's Archer during last night's Season 3 finale Space Race: Part 2 (thanks to Eric at Power Windows for the heads up). In this episode the mural on Krieger's van gets updated with a Caress of Steel-themed mural with the lettering reading Caress of Krieger (screenshot here). This makes the 3rd such Rush-themed mural that has appeared on his van; on the finale of season 2 the van had an Exit ... Stage Left-inspired mural which read Exit ... Van Left (screenshot here), and earlier in season 3 the mural had been updated to a Rush Hemispheres theme (screenshot here). There was also a major Rush reference on episode 8 of season 3 just a few weeks ago. In that episode Kreiger is trying to learn YYZ on his Neil Peart-inspired drumkit.

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