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Sat, May 18, 2024

Rush reference on latest episode of FX's Archer

Fri, Jan 20, 2012@10:44AM | comments removed/disabled

Last night was the mid-season premiere of FX's Archer and the show contained a Rush reference that was a follow-up of sorts to a Rush reference that occurred on the Season 2 finale (episode 23 - Double Trouble) last year on April 21st. In that episode Dr. Krieger is trying to impress Katya and mentions listening to Rush's Red Barchetta through his awesome van's stereo system and says to Katya, Please tell me you like Rush. Later in the episode we get a look at the actual van when the ISIS group pulls up in it. The van has a huge mural painted on the side which says Exit ... Van Left and depicts Doctor Kreiger peeking behind the curtain to a stage, mimicking the cover of Rush's Exit ... Stage Left (see the screenshot here). In last night's episode Dr. Krieger had updated the mural on his van to a Rush Hemispheres theme; the mural depicts Krieger as both the naked man and the man-in-the-hat from the Hemispheres cover with the text Krieger: Vanispheres on it (see the screenshot here). Thanks to Sweet Miracle Whip for the heads up and Patrick for the screenshot.

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