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Sun, Sep 19, 2021

Machine Head covers Rush's Witch Hunt on special edition of their upcoming album Unto the Locust

Mon, Aug 1, 2011@10:20AM | comments

UPDATE - 5/3@9:49AM: Here's the track on YouTube (thanks Hannu P):

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UPDATE - 8/2@9:22AM: Rock AAA recently interviewed Machine Head drummer Dave McClain who had yet more good things to say about Rush and how big an influence they are/were on the band:

"Three records ago I bought Robb the whole Rush catalogue and that's when our songs started extending with lots of parts. Kinda more challenging ourselves. Rush are responsible for a lot of things, even mentally in this band.

"There was an interview with Geddy Lee (Rush singer) a long time ago where he said 'If we get played on the radio it's going to be by accident.' Because they wouldn't write for radio and that struck a chord with all of us especially in the 'Through The Ashes' where it was a crossroads in our career where we said if we were going to be ousted out of the music business we wanted to go out fighting and be a pure 100 per cent metal band and not worried about what anybody said."

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Blabbermouth reports that the special edition of San Francisco metal band Machine Head's upcoming album Unto the Locust includes a cover of Rush's Witch Hunt. The album will release on September 27th via Roadrunner Records and the special edition will also contain a cover of Judas Priest's The Sentinel. Back in April the band posted a making of the album video to Youtube. In the video they show off their Jam Room which includes a collection of posters of all of our favorite bands, the bands that meant something, and helped create what we became; a Rush 2112 poster is prominently featured. At the 4-minute mark of the video, drummer Dave McClain is shown wearing a Permanent Waves t-shirt. When Machine Head released their sixth studio album The Blackening a few years ago frontman Robert Flynn told MTV in an interview that the band was on a Rush kick while recording that album. Thanks to Jeremy M for the heads up.