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Fri, Feb 23, 2018

Rush to play Helsinki, Finland in early May, 2011

Mon, Nov 15, 2010@10:11AM | comments

UPDATE - 11/15@12:19PM: The ever-omniscient Deadwing2112 says in the comments that there will be North American dates both before AND after Europe. Cool.

UPDATE - 11/15@11:41AM: In some related news, reader jeffb2112 let me know that Eddie Trunk reported over the weekend that...

... I hear Rush will play MSG soon. Can't wait as I missed the last Summer tour. ...

----- snip -----

Finnish television channel SuomiTV is reporting that Rush will play the Hartwall Arena in Helsinki, Finland sometime in early May - likely May 3rd or 4th. Here's the original article in Finnish and here's the loose Google translation. This doesn't come as a huge surprise since Geddy Lee remarked in numerous interviews last week that the band was in discussions to tour Europe in the Spring of 2011. That said, this does seem to be the first semi-official confirmation that Rush will tour in 2011 from a major news source. It also gives us a better idea of the timing if indeed they'll be in Finland in early May. This would mean they'd be in Europe in the April-May, 2011 timeframe, and raises the question of whether any North American dates will occur before or after Europe. Thanks to Boogierooster for the heads up.

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