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Wed, Nov 13, 2019

Snakes & Arrows DVD release open thread

Mon, Nov 24, 2008@7:27AM | comments

UPDATE - 11/25@10:35PM: Artisan News Service recently spoke to Alex Lifeson about the DVD and Lerxst had this to say (audio available here):

Yeah, and this one really is about the performance. It's about the interplay amongst the three of us; how we play, how we sound, and how we are presented. In the past some of our DVDs have been about different aspects of our show. For example Rush In Rio that we did in 2001, in obviously Rio De Janiero, was really about the event. It was a huge crowd in a big soccer stadium. It was really about that energy and the band where this is something pure about the performance.

He also said the following regarding the What's That Smell comedy vignette:

It connects us with our fans more. It all becomes part of the Rush family. Rather than bringing in actors or some other people to do these little bits that give you some kind of flow visually in the show. When we do it, it's more of an effort on the part of the band. It's more genuine. I think Rush fans like to see us goofing around and see that we're not particularly serious about most things in our life. We take our music seriously, we take our performance seriously, we want to do the best that we can, but we're not serious people. This is really one way where we're able to show this side of the band, and I think Rush fans really enjoy it. I know we do. As you can see by the outtakes in 'What's That Smell' that we're just having a riot doing that stuff. So, we hope to continue with that.

Thanks to Brendan for the heads up.

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UPDATE - 11/25@10:05PM: I'd forgotten to mention that also has received the Snakes & Arrows DVD treatment and now features a theme celebrating the release. Thanks to Lerxster for reminding me.

UPDATE - 11/25@8:00PM: As expected, the official Rush MySpace page has been updated with a shiny new Snakes & Arrows DVD theme. Thanks to mr soul for the heads up.

UPDATE - 11/25@1:43PM: Snakes & Arrows is the Blu-ray pick of the week at and here's a positive review from Blogcritics (thanks Sean).

UPDATE - 11/25@1:01PM: Here's a description/instructions for the Easter Egg (including the Blu-ray version) from MovieWeb:

Select 5.1, wait like 7 cycles, Jerry comes on and tells you to push play already, then when suitcase (Envy) Al tells you to listen to the man and go for it, go for it! You'll see no menu options, just Al crossing his eyes at you. Hit enter or play You get a bonus extra What's That Smell behind the scenes with interviews of Ged and Al in character being interviewed.

This is on the Blu-ray as well - go to Bonus Features, go down to Oh, Atlanta! then press 'down' again and then enter/select

Thanks Daryl!

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UPDATE - 11/25@11:30AM: Reader Lerxster seems to have found an Easter Egg already! Here are the instructions. On Disc 1 at the main menu, wait for Jerry Stiller to come on. Then suitcase Al is crossing his eyes and there are no menu options - he's just looking at you. Hit the enter button on your remote and you'll be treated to a What's That Smell behind the scenes extra with interviews of Geddy and Alex in character. I haven't had a chance to try this myself yet, so if you have anything else to add (or if you find any other Easter Eggs) - please do so in the comments. Thanks Lerxster!

Today is the official US release of Rush's Snakes & Arrows DVD. This is Rush's first DVD to be released on Blu-ray as well as standard DVD. To celebrate the release has posted a bunch of great new photos from the DVD shoot in their Multimedia: Rush on the Road section. There are also several teaser videos from the DVD online; namely The Larger Bowl, 2112, YYZ, The Spirit of Radio, Far Cry and Limelight. Many screenshots and a description of the menu/packaging can be seen here. Geddy also had a lot to say about the DVD in a recent Billboard interview. If you've already gotten your hands on the DVD please let us know what you think.

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