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Fri, Feb 21, 2020

Geddy Lee on the DVD and Rush's future in new Billboard interview

Tue, Nov 18, 2008@3:32PM | comments

[Instrumental Interplay At Heart Of Rush DVD]

UPDATE - 11/22@8:10PM: Limelight from the DVD is also now up on YouTube (thanks Sean).

UPDATE - 11/20@10:19AM: Amazon now has the official release date listed as Monday, November 24th. And apparently several readers have been getting the notifications from Amazon that their DVD has shipped - one as early as Monday of this past week. They may base delivery date on when the item is expected to arrive. Regardless of the whys and hows, it looks like folks will start receiving their copy over the next several days. If you receive your copy, please let us all know what you think.

UPDATE - 11/20@7:14AM: Sorry. Teaser vid links were broken. Fixed now.

UPDATE - 11/19@9:48PM: Here's a teaser video for The Larger Bowl on YouTube (thanks rtrushfan). And here's a list of all the teaser vids that we have so far:

[The Larger Bowl]
[The Spirit of Radio]
[Far Cry]

----- snip -----

The release of Rush's 3rd DVD in the last 5 years is just a few days away. The Snakes & Arrows DVD will be released early next week on both DVD and Blu-ray. The official US release date is Tuesday, November 25th although Eric from Power Windows posted on Counterparts that all major music labels in the US have moved the traditional Tuesday release date up to Monday to accommodate the Thanksgiving holiday - which means we can likely get our hands on it a little sooner. Geddy Lee was recently interviewed by Billboard magazine and had a lot to say about the DVD:

... "With this one we wanted to focus on the playing," ... "So a lot of the camera work features the interaction between Neil (Peart), Alex (Lifeson) and myself, a lot of the details that you don't normally cover in a DVD performance. So for fans of the music who love to see what everybody's fingers are doing and how we interact back and forth with each other, that became the overriding focus on this one."

"Snakes & Arrows Live" was shot with 21 High Definition cameras during a two-night stand in October 2007 at the Ahoy Rotterdam Arena in the Netherlands -- the same shows that produced the "Snakes & Arrows Live" album that came out in April. The two releases were separated, Lee says, because Rush wanted to have something out for its 2008 North American tour and also because "we needed more time to spend on the DVD to make it more special." ... "we were playing really well and that everything in the show kind of revolves around that and there was great energy coming from us. That's what I was seeing on the screen." ...

Geddy also talks a bit about the band's future:

... Lee says "Snakes & Arrows Live" will have to hold Rush fans over for a while. The trio is currently "on a break" and "a little burnt out right now," though he has every confidence there will be another Rush album in the future.

"I think we're gonna stay quiet for awhile and then start writing -- when we're going to start writing I can't say just yet," Lee notes. "It may be in the fall, maybe the spring, maybe the following spring. But eventually we'll start writing some songs and recording them, and hopefully that will be followed up by another tour down the road a couple years from now."

This unfortunately seems to squash any rumors of the band touring in 2009. Although I'm still hearing they have a special surprise of some kind in store for us in the near future. Hopefully that rumor still holds some truth, although I have no details whatsoever at this point.

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