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Thu, Oct 1, 2020

Comments temporarily disabled; the trolls come out at night

Thu, Mar 22, 2007@11:41PM | comments

UPDATE - 3/23@8:15AM: Comments are back up for the time being. I'm setting up the user registration for comments as we speak. If you want me to reserve a specific username/email combination, shoot me an email. I'll give the regular users first dibs.

I hate to have to do this, but I'm going to have to disable commenting on the site probably until tomorrow morning. The last few nights the comments have been hijacked by a few poor souls who have nothing better to do at 3 in the morning than post 100s of incoherent comments to the site. I'm also announcing that I'll be moving to a simple registration system for posting comments in the very near future. I think it's really my only option at this point. I can't say I'm surprised that it came to this - I had just been hoping I could put it off a bit longer because there are so many other neat things I want to do with the site. This will actually be a very good thing; we'll no longer have to worry about people impersonating one another or having multiple Shanes or Ds roaming around the comments. :) Again, this is only temporary - commenting will be turned back on by 9AM EST or so.