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Thu, Oct 1, 2020

Will the real Snakes & Arrows album cover please stand up?

Thu, Mar 22, 2007@4:23PM | comments

UPDATE - 3/23@10:20AM: Hmm... reader Keith C just noticed that Amazon US is using the Leela board cover now. Not sure if that clears anything up - but there you have it!

Power Windows just posted this German Snakes & Arrows press release over at Counterparts. It contains a few high-res images. One is a new promo pic. One is the Far Cry cover art that we've become familiar with. And one is the infamous Game Board album art that was released with the album sell sheet. Conspicuously missing is the Desert Highway album art that we were led to believe was the real album cover. So which one is it? Will the European release have a different cover than the North American one? Is there something else going on? Is Rush f**king with us? :)

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