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Posted on Friday, February 14, 2014 at 12:39PM

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#35 - Posted 2/18/14 @5:31PM by hannuFIN [contact]

What an experience U have had #33..1985. Those were the times. Sign o'The Times. The tone of guitar and synth walls. Deep respect for all Rush roadies crew ex and now. Very special hello to Chicago (IL) Mister RR ;) Hannu Espoo / Imatra / Lake Saimaa FIN
#34 - Posted 2/18/14 @1:04AM by Enigmaticus [contact]

Today marks the 35th anniversary of my first Rush music encounter. When I had first heard the music of "Hemispheres," I was 17 years old. Shockingly, I am now 52.
#33 - Posted 2/16/14 @10:13AM by angiodan [contact]

Nice to see the kind words on Jimmy Johnson. I was fortunate to have known him through friends in the 80's. One night, he invited us to his house in St. Catharines, and we listened to Power Windows a few weeks before release. Not to mention the occasional trip to the warehouse where the boys stored all their equipment, old and new.
#32 - Posted 2/15/14 @2:40PM by cpb [contact]

Nice post, #31!

Though my drum skills are far less ferior compared to what I can do guitar-wise (and I only teach both, so I'm not a REAL professional), I'll take a crack at this:

10. The Anarchist
9. red lenses
8. Natural Science
7. Animate
6. Grand Designs
5. Subdivisions
4. A Farewell To Kings
3. The Big Money
2. One Little Victory
1. La Villa Strangiato

I think Neil has definitely gotten BETTER over the years (Test For Echo aside), but I do enjoy his early stuff a great deal, when he was still trying to PROVE something!
#31 - Posted 2/15/14 @2:13PM by drummerboy2112

here are mine in no part order

1) grand designs
2) between the wheels
3) xanadu
4) the big money
5) red barchetta
6) the camera eye
7) aftk
8) afterimage
9) the body electric
10) hemispheres at 6:26 Dionysus I Believe
11) marathon

to me, it was about linear drum songs, or playing, not circular mumbo jumbo espoused and conveyed by Freddie. These are all rhythmically and drum-wise linear tunes.

sure for jazz, circular is fine, its all the rage, but not for Ged and Neil.

a list of top 10 Rush songs without solos, now that would be interesting, im not even going to try
#30 - Posted 2/15/14 @1:11PM by CraigJ [contact]

OK, time to bring out the big gun. LaVIlla Strangiato. That is all.
#29 - Posted 2/15/14 @12:13PM by joerock213 [contact]

What about A Farewell to Kings? You've got the great classical guitar at the beginning and the jam section where the solo sort of stumbles into place and then is finger madness leading to victorious transcendence.
#28 - Posted 2/15/14 @11:21AM by snowdog20 [contact]

I forgot about Bravado live. Please add it to my list.
#27 - Posted 2/15/14 @11:01AM by jiminseattle [contact]

Most every Alex solo is great:

Love Between the Wheels and The Anarchist.
#26 - Posted 2/15/14 @10:41AM by cpb [contact]

I'll play again:

MY TOP 10 ALEX SOLOS (as of today)...

10. A Passage To Bangkok
9. Working Man
8. Afterimage
7. The Analog Kid
6. Kid Gloves
5. Mission
4. The Camera Eye
3. Bravado (live end solo - specifically from "Rush in Rio")
2. Cut To The Chase
1. La Villa Strangiato
#25 - Posted 2/15/14 @9:36AM by snowdog20 [contact]

Thank you Donna for the class and dignity you continue to bring to the site.

Favorite Alex moments not mentioned yet...

Here Again
No One at the Bridge
Kid Gloves
Marathon (ASOH version)
The Pass
Secret Touch
The Way the Wind Blows
Hope (played at my wedding)
The Anarchist....

Just to name a few :)
#24 - Posted 2/15/14 @8:56AM by Denny Crane [contact]

I have lots of favorite Alex solos:

Limelight (of course)
La Villa (another obvious one)
Ghost of a Chance (a brilliant sleeper often overlooked)

#23 - Posted 2/15/14 @8:49AM by winstontizzer [contact]

My favourite Alex solo?
The closing section in Mission. Shiver me timbers!
#22 - Posted 2/14/14 @10:39PM by jiminseattle [contact]

Totally hoggin this blog. So I am sitting here listening to this CD that if I was to pick a top 10 of mine it would be in. It is the quintessential Tull and if I could buy copies for all of you I would. I think I have mentioned it before but it is called A Passion Play. Seriously and this could be blasphemous but being a drummer it is the best drumming I have ever heard on an album (just me of course). Barriemore Barlow was amazing. Anyhow the album was widely panned by critics like another band we all know. So that's it, if you want to trip out on some fine instrumentation and a great story it is about $5 on Amazon. Rush on and have a great weekend everyone.
#21 - Posted 2/14/14 @8:31PM by cpb [contact]

Thank you to "the other professor" - Donna Halper!

Happy birthday to a class act who acquits herself admirably on a regular basis. Thank you for all you've done for our little community!

#20 - Posted 2/14/14 @8:16PM by jiminseattle [contact]

David Gilmour is amazing as it Uncle Ted. Ted is funnier than shit too.
#19 - Posted 2/14/14 @8:09PM by Denny Crane [contact]

When I think guitar solo, I think of one guy and one song.

David Gilmour - Comfortably Numb

I caught Pink Floyd in 1994 at RFK Stadium in Washington DC (Home of the Washington Redskins). They played the entire DSOTM album, start to finish. 100,000 people. Insane.
#18 - Posted 2/14/14 @8:01PM by CraigJ [contact]

Sometimes I play deep right field, sometimes shallow left. Mostly I play centerfield right.

Speaking of guitar solos, I'm really liking Analog Kid from the CWA tour.

Speaking of extreme right field, I suggest giving a little tune called "Stranglehold" a spin. Let the neighbors hear it. link
#17 - Posted 2/14/14 @7:29PM by jiminseattle [contact]

Right on RR!
#16 - Posted 2/14/14 @7:27PM by Rushian Roulette [contact]

Jim, I always thought that you were in right field.....get it? ha ha
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