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Posted on Friday, October 11, 2013 at 11:52AM

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#38 - Posted 6/15/14 @1:47PM by rushtag [contact]

#28: "I've talked to many people who say they quit listening to Rush after Signals came out or they lost interest around that time anyways. Rush went wimpy after Moving Pictures, Rush hasn't put out a decent album since Moving Pictures"

I think there are a lot more people amongst Rush's hardcore fan base who share that sentiment than are willing to admit it. I think before Signals, Rush's core fan base loved the band because they loved their music. I think after Signals, for many, it has been more a matter of loving their music because they love the band.

I've heard some pretty remarkable statements from Rush devotees with respect to their post Signals output. Statements like The new album is great! I was disappointed at first, but it's grown on me! I think it's their best album since MP!" and "It's a very layered album: don't expect to 'get it' on the first listen" etc. Statements like these - ubiquitous on Rush fan sites for years - come across as very lukewarm endorsements.

It's something of an unspeakable heresy in many quarters of Rush fandom to say that they sort of 'jumped the shark' after Signals, or with Signals, but nevertheless, it has become something of a ritual - especially with their last 2 studio albums - to claim that their latest release is the best album since Moving Pictures. Such comments are telling, as the reaction to them. By and large such statements are accepted enthusiastically by the very same people who otherwise deny their best work was before Signals or GUP. Therein lies perhaps an unwitting admission that nothing after Signals really compares favorably with anything before it.

Genuine fandom is in a sense a sort of committed relationship. Psychologically, many fans fell irreversibly in love with Rush because of material from the pre-GUP period, and this is a relationshio they are committed to, for better or worse, in sickness or in health, etc. I think there is a lot of willful self-deception and denial in much of the praise of Rush's post-Signals material.

For most of that time, their live performance has remained top notch (though they're definitely showing their age now), Neil's lyrics have remained largely solid, as has their considerable technical proficiency as musicans and the unusual complexity of their music. That has not however, in my opinion anyway - and I suspect in the opinion of many others who love the band - resulted in great music. Their studio albums since Signals have struck me as being almost uniformly bland. I love them for what they didnin their first decade as a band, and have given every album since a faor hearing, but they've all been disappontments IMHO.
#37 - Posted 11/13/13 @10:53PM by PiDuBra [contact]

Another regret in my life is that I could never live up to Cosmo Kramer's expectations of being a banker. So i spared with Joe Lewis and Pink Knobb. Brrrrr, too cold for even an southbound canuckian when winter kills like YAZ not YYZ ... how the strea freezes over and we get so angry but we keep our mouth shut. Relax that angry knob inside, turn that wild pirate frown upside down. ;)
#36 - Posted 11/13/13 @10:42PM by PiDuBra [contact]

one of my greatest heroes was cameltoe.org
#35 - Posted 10/15/13 @9:18AM by Homey M Holmes

#32, yeah, my CD cuts off the beginning of the first track.
#34 - Posted 10/14/13 @2:21PM by Tom [contact]

Have had a listen to VT Remix now - yes, it's very good - better than the original with just a couple of things I preferred on the original - the lead on 'Freeze' towards the end was much stronger and clearly defined, and similarly with 'Secret Touch' (that lead needs to be right at the top of the mix - in that it is a screaming chaotic guitar line), and occastionally there is just a little too much reverb on the vocals (personal taste though!), but overall, awesome!
#33 - Posted 10/14/13 @11:16AM by simon r

11-I was going to suggest sunning themselves somewhere warm if they got any sense.Ed thanks for update on tour attendance-they must be very slow-dont venues know the attendance I mean its Oct now?
Saying Rush have touched 60 now and what a show they do just seen CSN in London who are 68, 71 & 72 and they were incredible-still kept the vocals and Stills guitar playing was superb. They did 2hr 45 min plus interval which is no mean feat at their age.Even did Suite Judy Blue Eyes which is rare.
#32 - Posted 10/14/13 @7:51AM by freewilly [contact]

Sorry I already placed this in an older (VT Remixed) and less visited thread:

I'm still waiting for my copy but can anyone tell if you encounter a problem with your CD playback?
Some reviews mentioned "missing silent frames" (or something like that) prior to the first notes of the tracks, causing playback problems on shuffle play.
One Canadian and one UK reviewer mention similar problems, so it seems to concern both the Canadian and UK/Europe pressing.



Thanks in advance for your experiences.
#31 - Posted 10/14/13 @4:02AM by isthatmysandwich [contact]

I am probably posting this too late for anyone to read but I think it's pretty pathetic that #15 should feel like this and now rarely contribute. She used to post on regular basis and I enjoyed reading about her fanaticism for the band (although one in particular). I note that Kelly D rarely contributes either now. It's not right that a fellow fan should feel this way. I'm sorry you feel this way PetieLee. By the way Petie, I have a feeling you won't see Porcupine Tree again. I think Steven Wilson is now too far removed with his solo stuff. Going to see him (for the 2nd time) in Newcastle on Friday.
#30 - Posted 10/14/13 @2:06AM by tasman7 [contact]

Beginning to think Billboard has an issue with Rush for some reason.
#29 - Posted 10/13/13 @3:01PM by Denny Crane [contact]

I think the drums on MalNar sound great and I enjoy them over his main kit. Go figure. I don't care for the sound of Neil's DW drums, but I'm sure this is mostly due to the sh!tty recording Rush has had a problem with for about the last 15 years plus. I'd venture to say the DWs sound fantastic in person, but they don't come across like that on their recordings.
#28 - Posted 10/13/13 @9:33AM by jupeguyowensound [contact]

#26-There are those who think that they've lost that ability, or lost it 30 years ago!(writing good songs).I've talked to many people who say they quit listening to Rush after Signals came out or they lost interest around that time anyways. Rush went wimpy after Moving Pictures, Rush hasn't put out a decent album since Moving Pictures,Are they still together?, Geddy Lee sucks, Is my head still up my ass?- Stuff like that.Jeez!
#27 - Posted 10/13/13 @8:56AM by jupeguyowensound [contact]

#19- With all due respect geddimus I disagree. I think MalNar rocks, my only complaint is that it is too short. Neil's drums sound better than his main kit IMHO of course. Bravest Face, Good News First, We Hold On,Faithless....those are meh to me. MalNar and TMMB=Rocket Sauce!
I'm sorry.....am I allowed to use that, or do I have to get written permission from Jack Black's lawyers?
#26 - Posted 10/13/13 @8:19AM by Rob [contact]

The band will never lose the ability to play.

The band may lose the ability to tour.

Worse, the band might lose the ability someday to write something good.
#25 - Posted 10/12/13 @10:31PM by jiminseattle [contact]

Clockwork is going to be a tough one to follow but I am sure the band will blow us away once again.
#24 - Posted 10/12/13 @10:04PM by ccbentley [contact]

This is off topic but I'm beginning to think the probability of Rush releasing more that one more new cd is pretty low given the amount of time between new releases and their ages. I wonder what direction they will take on their last cd? Do you think they will plan for it or it will just end when one of them is no longer able to play? I wouldn't be surprised if it is thought out well in advance. I imagine it would be tough to decide what to put on a the last cd of a very long career. Any thoughts?
#23 - Posted 10/12/13 @9:51PM by mstmompj [contact]

Thanks 12 & 13 for the SW/PT-related news. After having gorged on VT last week, I've been listening to a lot of PT this week while grading the neverending supply of papers that are the lot of the writing professor. If only November 19 would hurry up and get here...
#22 - Posted 10/12/13 @9:44PM by Geddimus Prime

Ok...Gar Bage is too harsh. I will retract that as I love Geddy's noodling to no end. I just think when compared to other instrumentals it isn't anything special.

Mal Nar is Blah Blah to me.
#21 - Posted 10/12/13 @9:38PM by ccbentley [contact]

I second #16's comments. I like Malnar a lot because of its "looseness" and off-the-cuff feel. Something I don't find a lot of in Rush's music. One man's garbage is another man's .... :)
#20 - Posted 10/12/13 @9:34PM by jiminseattle [contact]

To each his/her own. Mal Nar whaled live in the two Snakes shows I witnessed. Love it both times.
#19 - Posted 10/12/13 @8:53PM by Geddimus Prime

Ok, I have to chime in with my two cents on the MalNar love from #10. Mal Nar is another example of Bouzjgheie (or however they spell it) bullshit.
It is not a finely crafted or even remotely well though out instrumental. It is an afterthought quickly and sloppily generated from a very Geddy-typical open string riff that he has frankly used in countless songs at this point. Alex put his part in as it if were a last minute homework assignment, and Neil's kit wasn't even in the studio.

Mal Nar is Gar Bage.
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