Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony ticket sale and pre-sale information released

Posted on Friday, January 18, 2013 at 7:05PM

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#68 - Posted 1/22/13 @6:15AM by kjbird [contact]

Tickets go on sale at noon today folks for spring dates! CONGRATS to those around Halifax!! I know there will be some extremely happy people out there for this one!! Who-hoooo!!
#67 - Posted 1/22/13 @3:49AM by oldprogrockfan [contact]

Rush extra dates..........
Hershey, Wantagh, Saratonga, Chicago, Cincinnati,Milwaukee, Boston, Calgary, Vancouver, Portland, Salt Lake City, Denver, Kansas City, Grand Rapids and Halifax.
Old prog rock fan
London England.
#66 - Posted 1/22/13 @12:55AM by smiley [contact]

And, ready for that extra close ticket, we don't use credit cards, will make it worth your help in one, no lie, smiley in sealy, what dream come true! texas is blessed yet again, good angels very, so happy!
#65 - Posted 1/22/13 @12:48AM by smiley [contact]

!ANGELS IN THE CLUTCH! Thank you so for Austin! Yeahhhhhhh!
#64 - Posted 1/22/13 @12:28AM by anokaflash [contact]


As previously alluded to, and due to overwhelming demand, the Clockwork Angels Tour will continue in 2013 to over 20+ cities in North America this year. Beginning in April, fans will be able to catch RUSH live in a number of new markets not visited on last year's tour.

Today we have announced details for the spring leg of the tour which include:
April 23 Austin, TX @ Frank Erwin Center
April 26 Ft. Lauderdale, FL @ BB&T Center
April 28 Orlando, FL @ Amway Center
May 1 Nashville, TN @ Bridgestone Arena
May 3 Raleigh, NC @ PNC Arena
May 5 Virginia Beach, VA @ Farm Bureau Live At Virginia Beach
May 7 Baltimore, MD @ 1st Mariner Arena
May 9 Uncasville, CT @ Mohegan Sun
May 11 Atlantic City @ Etess Arena

Pre-sale for RUSH fans for the spring tour dates begin today, Tuesday January 22nd at NOON LOCAL TIME!
#63 - Posted 1/22/13 @12:18AM by michinman [contact]

Bucklemyshoe...are you drinking and posting like I often do?
#62 - Posted 1/21/13 @11:48PM by Enigmaticus [contact]

Why not have three time inductee Eric Clapton induct Rush. Wouldn't that be appropriate?
#61 - Posted 1/21/13 @11:33PM by 1-2-bucklemyshoe [contact]

Rush is my favorite singer. I hope he plays two-one-one-two at the RRHOF.
#60 - Posted 1/21/13 @11:23PM by kjbird [contact]

I turned on the tv briefly tonight and caught a snippet of some band playing at the Inaugural Ball---made me think how cool it would be to have Rush play "Second Nature" at one of these. Ridiculous, i know....
#59 - Posted 1/21/13 @10:56PM by michinman [contact]

Off topic... I'm assuming one or two of you out there in RIAB land have a copy of the extremely limited screen print of "Rush Cleveland 12" by legendary Cleveland artist Derek Hess. If you have one, you're probably hanging on to it. If ever you need some cash and want to let it go please, please, e-mail/PM me via this site. I really want this 1st edition print and I will buy if the price is reasonable and you will know it's going to a true fan and not just an investor.
#58 - Posted 1/21/13 @10:31PM by random_sample [contact]

I forgot...I guess Heart is one of the bands ,along with Rush being inducted into the RRHOF? Not that I gave a crap if Rush got inducted, but since they are, it will be interesting to see this unfold.
Looks like the guys from the Foo Fighters might be there to induct Rush, like mentioned in the news on here.
I heard about the Don Henley comment through this site. Even though I've followed Rush since the mid 80's , I don't recall hearing about it, before )of course, the internet wasn't around yet, either). I liked some Don Henley songs , probably more so than any Eagles songs, but that was a shitty comment he made (if he indeed made the comment) about Rush. He's probably one of "those" people who just never "got" Rush. Interesting ,he will be at the RRHOF ceremony. Someone else said "awkward". haha. Yup. Maybe Neil can kick his ass after the ceremony ;) (then peel away on his motorcycle)
#57 - Posted 1/21/13 @10:28PM by kjbird [contact]

#56- well said.
#56 - Posted 1/21/13 @10:19PM by michinman [contact]

I'll admit, I have a history with the Eagles too, but I really can't stand when celebrities get so arrogant and full of themselves that they become huge dicks. I've seen Henley in interviews before, and he seems to be just that, a dick. I always feel like putting them in their place. These are people that have had very privileged lives. I look up to those that can recognize that and maintain a certain semblance of humility. The guys in Rush do just that and more. I look down on those who don't. I think it's rare, but it really shouldn't be.
#55 - Posted 1/21/13 @10:17PM by kjbird [contact]

Speaking of farewell (a farewell to KINGS at that)sounds like Sacremento may be sending theirs to Seattle?? Just saw it flash across my screen - i don't follow NBA, i'm an NFL gal.
#54 - Posted 1/21/13 @10:00PM by kjbird [contact]

Hey now, I wasn't duped too bad.....listening to Hotel California and Tequila Sunrise while cruising in a 1976 Mercury Cougar, and i turned out ok (haha)! I liked me some Eagles every now and then back in the day.
#53 - Posted 1/21/13 @9:52PM by michinman [contact]

Heads up. Two-One-One-Two Deluxe Blu-Ray is now at it's lowest price at Amazon since 7 hours ago (37% of MSRP) link . Oh and Henley's a wanker (as our neigbour's across the pond would say) and a piss-poor "drummer". That's not opinion, that's a fact. lol The most he's done is make a few jingles with that country band he's been with for decades and a crap load of cash for duping folks with mediocre taste in pop music. I can't wait for The Eagles Farewell 2 Tour with more of the 70's hitting us upside the head, and then who knows maybe we'll be blessed with a Farewell 3 Tour as well.
#52 - Posted 1/21/13 @9:50PM by kjbird [contact]

#48 - i think tomorrow is the date! Don't hold me to that, but that was inferred last week.
#51 - Posted 1/21/13 @9:49PM by kjbird [contact]

#47 - yeah, makes you wonder how much other bands knew about the reason for the five year haitus, and the gravity of the production of VT and its meaning.
#50 - Posted 1/21/13 @9:45PM by kjbird [contact]

Whoa there, Nelly. I do agree with you that it's personal opinion, i'm not pissing on any music or saying one genre is better than the next. Whether I think some music is better than others, that's personal opinion as well, not fact, obviously. I think standing Rush's 40 year career up against a Lady Gaga or a Don Henley is not snobbish, but definitely casts a wide shadow of relevance and signifance/influence in the world of musicians. It's not a fair comparison, really. 38 years from now, it will be interesting to see how Lady Gaga's catalog of work shapes up ;) At that point, i guess we could do some real comparisons. I'm not a snob at heart, but when it comes to Rush? Yeah, i'm guilty as charged.
#49 - Posted 1/21/13 @9:37PM by What-A-Rush

Interestingly, I was looking at the 'Future Rock Legends' site and, unbeknownst to me there is/was a category called "Musical Excellence" that has appeared in previous years but for some reason this category has been removed from the 2013 list. I wonder if Rush would have preferred this honor instead of the "standard" induction. It certainly would apply, that's for sure! Overall, a very informative site, for if no other reason you see who's NOT inducted...yet. Great comments everybody. Thanks RIAB.
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