Rush Clockwork Angels tour official attendance and sales figures

Posted on Wednesday, January 2, 2013 at 3:05PM

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#31 - Posted 1/10/13 @6:41PM by April191981 [contact]

these talented canuckian subdividers Deserve their delusional entitlements, and loves of their-of's. of money becasause thier fame and fortune can't soothe any philosopher's wound that dared not heal.


it's all the way one would even come out to make their first word of the tour as bold as "Sprawling".
#30 - Posted 1/10/13 @6:33PM by whip6969 [contact]

Nice! 19.6 million! They need to come to Oklahoma again!
#29 - Posted 1/10/13 @6:31PM by April191981 [contact]

#28 - Posted 1/8/13 @1:32AM by Proton2112 [contact]

That figure for the Chicago show must just be for the t-shirt concession...xD
#27 - Posted 1/6/13 @3:51PM by lisah [contact]

#26, Since you asked... Your set list is amazing, with a few personel changes. Replace Ghost Rider,Bravado,Prime Mover,Mystic Rhythms,Time & Motion. Mix it up with, just the boys and these songs,Natural Science, By-Tor,Passage
To Bangkok,Beneath Between Behind, Bastille Day, & Driven. Sign me up! I'll be there, and I'll bring KJ too. One last thing, you did mean the ENTIRE Fountain of Lamneth, didn't you? I would hope so! LOL! Have a good one. Rush On! Love reading your posts.
#26 - Posted 1/6/13 @11:49AM by Enigmaticus [contact]

#25, I do not really know if I would call the Phoenix concert Rush's best show yet. Perhaps, Atlanta was much better. I do know however, that the music was not so loud that it had adversely effected my hearing. It was great to see support of the Clockwork Angels string ensemble, although at this point Rush touring with a symphony orchestra, in the near future, does not seem to be such an outrageous idea. I would have liked to have seen more songs from "Roll The Bones." I think that 'Bravado,' 'Dreamline' and 'Ghost Of A Chance' would have worked extremely well with the string ensemble support. I am hoping that they continue in this vein during the 40th (actually 46th anniversary) tour in 2014.

Of course, my set list for 2014 would be slightly different. I would like to see the following songs performed by Rush with the support of a string section or perhaps, even a symphony orchestra at this time: 'The Fountain Of Lamneth,' 'Xanadu,' 'The Trees,' 'La Villa Strangiato,' 'Jacob's Ladder,' 'Different Strings,' 'The Camera Eye,' 'Losing It,' 'Manhattan Project,' 'Marathon,' 'Middletown Dreams,' 'Mystic Rhythms,' 'Prime Mover,' 'Available Light,' 'Dreamline,' 'Bravado,' 'Ghost Of A Chance,' 'You Bet Your Life,' 'Nobody's Hero,' 'Animate,' 'Time & Motion,' 'Ghost Rider,' 'Faithless,' 'Halo Effect' and 'The Garden.' Does anybody else have any other opinions? If so, please do not hesitate to share them, thank you.
#25 - Posted 1/4/13 @1:14PM by DUG K. [contact]

Best show yet! Was at the ATL show, and had to be 12,000 or more. This band continues to defy the laws of tradition. Probably the only band to ever be so popular so late in their career, and to do so without the benefit of #1 albums, singles, and mainstream media acceptance or support. Can't be said enough that the ticket price is worth every penny, and the only truly disappointing thing for me was I didn't score a tour program due to the long line and wait involved. Wasn't gonna miss one second of the show, and figured on getting one at Rush backstage but there is still none available. Hoping for a NOLA show 2013!
#24 - Posted 1/3/13 @9:28PM by Chicken [contact]

#21...stop it.... obama is clueless... as is most of this country
#23 - Posted 1/3/13 @8:45PM by Ajax5 [contact]

My understanding is that Toronto show #1 was a sellout. I don't believe Toronto show #2 quite got there, but it also did well. I believe Montreal was also a sellout.
#22 - Posted 1/3/13 @6:59PM by holeinone53575

#21-There are more people in poverty today in the U.S than anytime since they kept records in the 50's. It's a fact not a generalization Congratulations on your personal situation. Just be aware that some are not so fortunate.
#21 - Posted 1/3/13 @1:50PM by dogslikeRUSH [contact]

#12 holeinone53575 - I was able to see this tour thanks to the Obama economy - because I have a job now. As opposed to the TMT tour which I missed due to being unemployed for 3 years - during the "prior" economy. I'm just saying it goes both ways and that avoiding generalizations is sensible.
#20 - Posted 1/3/13 @11:47AM by jaeger [contact]

#18. My impression is that the Detroit area is not exactly rolling in dough these days...
#19 - Posted 1/3/13 @10:09AM by dinoman [contact]

First of all, as several have noted, these numbers are nothing to be ashamed of, especially considering the tour was supporting a brand new album, with no hints at it being a nostalgia + a bit of new stuff tour. Anyone who went to S&A would know they WILL play much of the new album.

I did a quick calculation, and the avg. attendance for the first 10 shows was ~84.3% (avg capacity ~10500). The avg attendance for the last 10 shows was 91.5% (avg. cap. ~9900). So, based on those numbers, I would not conclude that the setlist affected attendance all that much. Besides, most people would have purchased their tickets before the setlist was even known.

Another factor to consider, which has been touched on slightly here, is ticket price. I haven't looked at numbers to compare avg. ticket price between tours, but from my own personal experience, it is getting beyond ridiculous. In the past, the highest priced seats (from ticketmaster, not broker sites) was in the orchestra, with the sections behind having decreasing prices. From what I recall in Tampa, "Level 1" prices included everything to about halfway back in the very last section. WTF!? I must admit, I briefly considered skipping it. (I'm glad I didn't, but still...). I don't expect this will change, but it still sucks a bit.

It might behoove them to change the setlist up a bit for the second leg. And if so, they should definitely advertise that fact before tickets go on sale. Don't get me wrong, I loved the setlist, and I would probably go to another show just for the C&A material, but many others will not.
#18 - Posted 1/3/13 @8:25AM by Londonguy [contact]

There was a time when Detroit would be pretty much guaranteed to sell out. A lot of previous tours had 2 shows in a row, the last being VT. It's really disappointing to see 8000 people in Detroit now. Detroit used to be the market for them. One things for sure, the 2013 leg will not have a Detroit stop.
#17 - Posted 1/3/13 @2:06AM by Redcygnus [contact]

Doing more research, there was a show in Sarnia, ON at Bayfest in summer of 2010 on a Friday. While somewhat close to Detroit, I know that I and a number of other fans from Detroit were not going to a festival seating show at the ticket prices being asked. I want a seat if I am going to be paying that much money plus all the standing time before the show would start just to get a decent place to stand near the stage.

Otherwise, the last time a Friday or Saturday show in Detroit was early on the Test for Echo tour in Oct. 1996.
#16 - Posted 1/3/13 @1:52AM by Enigmaticus [contact]

I think that I have an idea about why the attendance at the Phoenix concert was so low. The Phoenix concert was scheduled during the Sunday after Thanksgiving. As a result, many people who would have normally attended, were unable to due to certain familial commitments. I had two tickets to the Phoenix concert, because I could not find anyone else to accompany me. Each ticket had cost me $140 after paying all of the miscellaneous charges.
#15 - Posted 1/3/13 @1:52AM by Redcygnus [contact]

I didn't do an in-depth analysis, but it seems like the Friday and Saturday shows did better on average. I know it has been quite some time since Rush played the Detroit area on a Friday or Saturday. It seems like Chicago is always on Fri. of Sat. and Detroit gets a mid-week show with the odd Sunday throw in.

Ticket prices were too high at the Palace also which probably kept some people away. You want more attendance, then lower the ticket prices.
#14 - Posted 1/3/13 @12:00AM by What-A-Rush

It's not surprising that the overall numbers were lower than the Time Machine tour. I agree with #8 that 'Moving Pictures' in it's entirety brought out more of the casual fans in 2010-11 as well as some core fans (of that era) who think that record was the last truly great Rush album in the catalog. Truthfully, it is a tough act to follow, and it would be for ANY band. What I am surprised at is the significant drop at the Cleveland show this time around. The fact that PHX. had more than Cleveland is a SHOCKER! Perhaps the fact that we were lucky to be picked for the filming of the upcoming DVD had something to do with that, like Cleveland on the last tour. Then again, timing is everything, both good and bad, especially when it comes to being ABLE to afford it. Unfortunately, not everybody can see a band every time out, no matter how much of a "diehard" they are. In any event, it was THE tour of 2012, regardless of attendance. Thanks RIAB.
#13 - Posted 1/2/13 @8:49PM by anotherrushfan [contact]

As far as I could tell the Montreal show stood up against any of the shows I have been to with regards to attendance. Packed as usual. The setlist never seems to have any impact here. We go to see RUSH.
#12 - Posted 1/2/13 @7:29PM by holeinone53575

I thought the attendance figures were pretty good considering many of the cities are visited on an annual basis. Also, with Obama's economy many do not have the disposable income for rent let alone Rush concerts
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