Getting to know the Clockwork Angels String Ensemble

Posted on Sunday, September 16, 2012 at 11:42AM

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#23 - Posted 10/11/12 @3:06PM by Rushoholic [contact]

Audrey Solomon is way way hot & she wears her leather pants very well.
#22 - Posted 9/18/12 @8:46PM by zkzt

One of the guys, is a huge Rush fan. He was really into the show and knew all the words to 7 Cities of Gold when the song was premiered in Bristow. You could practically seem him staring over Ged's shoulder on the big screen.
#21 - Posted 9/18/12 @12:51PM by BoltFromTheBlue [contact]

Bell of St. Mary, they're like the ghosts of syrinx's been minks...


hauntingly familiar
#20 - Posted 9/18/12 @10:23AM by snowdog20 [contact]

I think the ring he added to the death star explosion was pretty cool.
#19 - Posted 9/18/12 @9:11AM by ervnos [contact]

Do you also enjoy George Lucas adding a bunch of CGI tweaks to his old Star Wars movies?
#18 - Posted 9/18/12 @9:10AM by ervnos [contact]

#15: You're free to imagine those songs reworked. I am free to never ever stomach that thought.
#17 - Posted 9/17/12 @7:37PM by jaeger [contact]

#14 Good point, although I was referring to the "beauty" contest success. :)
#16 - Posted 9/17/12 @4:45PM by Tom [contact]

Interesting that Beck's dad is leading the strings, as Beck is a fan of Rush and even had a sticker on one of his guitars. Although his stuff is quite different from Rush, I have plenty of time for his music and have a few of his albums.
#15 - Posted 9/17/12 @3:45PM by Carlos

Now that they have the strings, I would really enjoy hearing "Losing It." A duet between Alex and the 1st chair violin would be awesome live. There are a bunch of songs where the strings could provide an additional layer to their already complex songs; like drinking a wine that at first is straight forward, robust, but with time begins to open up and reveal its complexity. Imagine "La Villa Strangiato" or anything from Hemispheres with strings!
Regardless, I can't wait to see them in Philly.
#14 - Posted 9/17/12 @1:48PM by CraigJ [contact]

I don't know, not sure playing a violin vs. a 30-06 means better qualified.
#13 - Posted 9/17/12 @11:50AM by jaeger [contact]

Looks like Audrey is far better qualified for a GOP VP nomination than recent candidates. And she can rock! :)
#12 - Posted 9/17/12 @11:47AM by jaeger [contact]

The new "members" of Rush? :)
#11 - Posted 9/17/12 @11:33AM by CraigJ [contact]

#8 this isn't the "symphony thing" - this isn't Rush with the London Philharmonic or something. They added a layer of strings to the CA album and are faithfully reproducing that live - that is all. Rush has never, and probably never will share the main stage with other musicians. This is why, for example, you will probably never hear "Losing It" live.
#10 - Posted 9/17/12 @12:08AM by 1001SOS [contact]

A violinist I know was asked by Campbell to audition, but she couldn't make it at the time. Gaaah!!!
#9 - Posted 9/16/12 @11:48PM by jiminseattle [contact]

#8 Appreciate the insight but to me Rush is a 3 piece band and always will be and the strings just support that. Respectfully, Jim
#8 - Posted 9/16/12 @10:30PM by bensommer [contact]

Thought - wouldn't a rock band like Rush get so much more out of a backing band of, say, a real life keyboard player, second guitarist, singers? That's the studio sound. Always wonder why rock bands do the "symphony" thing.
#7 - Posted 9/16/12 @5:10PM by Ajax5 [contact]

They've got Tyrion Lannister's brother!
#6 - Posted 9/16/12 @3:46PM by drmike [contact]

#5 That's a lot more than the girls on stage at the Motley Crue show got to wear. Their costumes generally consisted of about 6 square inches of material.
#5 - Posted 9/16/12 @3:22PM by hazlnut [contact]

Who on the RUSH tour staff had to tell the girls in the string ensemble they would be wearing tank-tops?

"Ladies, these are for you. We thought you'd be... uh-hem... more comfortable in tank tops."
#4 - Posted 9/16/12 @2:11PM by Neil_Rulz [contact]

I'm glad to see that they're getting some very well deserved attention. They were great in Bristow and it sounds like they're right in stride with the guys.

It couldn't have been easy to for all of them stepping into the "limelight" (all puns intended) but I think they're doing wonderful and handling it all quite well.

Rush on "Clockwork Angels String Ensemble".
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