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Posted on Friday, February 10, 2012 at 11:56AM

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#29 - Posted 2/14/12 @9:22AM by Markitoyyz [contact]

Thanks Ed, again!! I am a little worried about such novelization since it's better for everyone to have their own interpretation of Rush works and lyrics. I'll certainly read it, but still feel a little concerned.
#28 - Posted 2/14/12 @1:07AM by Presto [contact]

An established sci-fi author is collaborating with neil peart and writing a frigging novel based on rush's new epic concept album??? holy crap frigging AWESOME lol!!!!! are you kidding me?? and this is something some people are meh about??? haha internet... ive read people on here complaining caravan was "too complicated" lol (most ripping middle section in 30 years)and people complaining about the set list of the time machine tour and blah blah blah... good god we have RUSH in 2012 who just played MOVING PICTURES in its entirety and are about to release an EPIC album with moog taurus pedals and tighter guitars and neil ripping all different time signatures and a NOVEL WRITTEN to accompany neil pearts EPIC SCI FI STEAMPUCK STORY...... am i dreaming????? and we thought rush might be retiring back in the late eighties lol. this is ALL AWWWWWWEEESOMEEEEEEE beyond my ability to describe........ sry for the juvenile rant but holy crap im soooooo glad rush themselves have a much more open, positive, creative, adventurous, go for it and enjoy the ride attitude than some of their nitpicky "fans". seriously, think of what weve gotten the last few years and what were about to get....
#27 - Posted 2/13/12 @2:16PM by More Evil Twin of ByTor

Loving the "I can't read" choice. Viva la sense of humor...
#26 - Posted 2/12/12 @11:40PM by cpb [contact]

Modern-Day, I don't think there's anything wrong with someone articulating why they don't want to buy something. I also don't think there's anything wrong with articulating why they DO want to.

I would caution you on use of words like "foolish and arrogant." It's hard to respect a person's opinion who shows disrespect to others that way.

And I realize that I have, in the past, fallen prey to this. (jupe has had to call me out on it before - and was right to do so.) He's also right. Buy it or not. I won't. Some will. Yay life.
#25 - Posted 2/12/12 @10:54PM by Modern-Day Warrior [contact]

#21: No, I have an even better idea; release Clockwork Angels with an audiobook VOICEOVER while the music plays! That way people have no choice but to experience both!

Of course we fill in the details with our imagination, and yes that's going to be unique to every individual. My point is that to turn down one or the other before even reading or listening is, yes, foolish and arrogant. I remember the beautiful digital paintings of Fountain of Lamneth and Red Barchetta that were done a while back. Did I say to myself, "I'm not clicking on those links because I already have what I imagine in my head and it's greater than anything anyone could ever paint."? Uh, no. And of course they were totally different from what I "see" whenever I hear those songs, Fountain in particular. That doesn't mean they were any less incredible, and that also doesn't mean the artist was "telling" me what to think about the song. And my imagination is no less for having seen those pictures. I could say the same thing for all of Hugh Syme's work. If your imagination is so fragile that you refuse to even look at someone else's interpretation then you are definitely closed-minded. I don't think it's NECESSARY to your understanding of the story, but like I said in my first comment, I think it can only add dimension and depth, it can't take away.

I don't particularly enjoy The Wall either. I've seen it about a total of two times, if that. Totally disturbing film. And even Tommy and Yellow Submarine are incredibly bizarre movies to watch. But that's not to say, (again, like I said in my previous comment), that they aren't successful in portraying the story behind the music.
#24 - Posted 2/12/12 @10:52PM by snowdog2113 [contact]

While I'm with #22 in that I don't think any Rush fan should feel like they need the book if it doesn't appeal to them I also agree with #20 in your basic point that they're just two different non-competing mediums. It's always frustrated me when people say things like "The movie wasn't as good as the book". Well, guess what, you cannot form a 1:1 comparison between the two because they are simply two different sides to the same coin. That's why things are "adapted" from not "copied" from other forms. Like Peter Jackson said about his LOTR movies if you just filmed the book page by page it would be an utter mess. I'm excited about the idea of a companion book but I'll judge its worth separately from the album.

But like #20 said, I'm also someone who includes the expanded story of 2112 from the liner notes in my perception of the whole piece. I'm sure tons of fans, especially younger fans who don't even own a physical copy, would be totally unaware that that stuff even exists. You don't need it, but I incorporate it since it is there and that's what I'll do with the upcoming book. I might be less inclined to do so if it were just fan fiction but since Neil is actually partnering in it I think we can look at it as sort of a super expanded liner notes like the ones in 2112. I care, others may not. Nothing wrong with that.
#23 - Posted 2/12/12 @10:51PM by marty from clayton [contact]

Isn't anyone else excited by the hint that there will pirates in the story?!?
#22 - Posted 2/12/12 @9:45PM by jupeguyowensound [contact]

Wow! How about this. If you feel like reading the book, buy it and read it.And if you don't want to read it because you think it might spoil your "take" on CA, then don't read it. Simple.
#21 - Posted 2/12/12 @8:43PM by The_king_will_Neil [contact]

So, anyone who listens to this CD but doesn't read the novel is closed minded and arrogant?

How about they make reading the novel mandatory, and only sell the two together? Make it mandatory that you read the novel every time you listen to the music.

What about sci-fi fans who decide they'll read the story, but won't listen to the music. Are they also arrogant and close minded? If you don't like rock music, you can't properly appreciate the vibe of the book? (No pun intended, really.)

If they are two different mediums, we can each decide which one(s) (if any) we are interested in. Any other opinion is sheer arrogance (;-).

Rush songs, in themselves, tell a story; we can only assume these ones will also. That story is, by its very nature, incomplete and we need to use imagination to fill in the details. Even 2112 and Fountain do not have complete novel or short story level detail, we fill that in as we wish. If you show me someone else's completion of that, it will almost certainly clash with mine. It doesn't matter if it's yours, Neil's, Kevin's, or Neil/Kevin's "official" version. If someone doesn't want to see that conflict, that's none of your business, or mine. I believe Neil has commented on this, that the meaning of a song is what's in the listener's head, not the writer's.

BTW, I think I've seen all three of those movies, and they do nothing for me. For the most part, I'd rather I hadn't seen them (especially The Wall, I've never been in the proper 'state' to appreciate that). Then again, I often/usually even dislike music videos of songs I like. And don't get me started on movies-from-books.
#20 - Posted 2/12/12 @5:57PM by Modern-Day Warrior [contact]

[Warning: reading the following may cause butthurt]
I'm just a simple warrior and no Rhetorician, so I guess I don't understand why some people here seem to think Anderson's collaboration is just a "fill in the blanks" process and must therefore be "not as good" as the album... First off, it's like you may as well judge the illustrations of a book and sneer that, "they're not as good as the story." They're two entirely different mediums meant to narrate one singular thing. What you're getting is not separate, independent stories but two intertwined perspectives. This can only add dimension to your understanding of what Neil wants to convey, it can't possibly take anything away from what you imagine about it.

Secondly; hurps'n'durps, collaboration means they're working TOGETHER to flesh out this story. Along the same lines are the negative comments regarding Anderson's thoughts on 'Tommy' or 'The Wall' or 'Sgt. Pepper'. You seem to forget that entire films were made from all three of these albums, WITH the collaboration of each respective band involved. And all three films were entirely successful in visually conveying the story behind the music (Although I can't really be sure about Yellow Submarine...).

Petie Lee, if a novelization or backstory is so unnecessary for you, why aren't you also complaining about the liner notes of 2112? You know, "I lie awake, staring out at the bleakness of Megadon..." Like I said, Anderson's story can do nothing but add dimension to your understanding. He's not writing a philosophical dissertation analyzing the themes of Clockwork Angels, he's not telling you what you HAVE to think about it. He's writing the actual STORY, working WITH Neil Peart. You might as well say you don't need to read any book because you can just read the backcover summary and use "YOUR OWN" imagination to get what you want from it. This story is there for your taking and enjoyment and for you to analyze on your own. To say you're going to deny it on the basis of how great your imagination is isn't just closed-minded, it's sheer arrogance.

On another stream, my attention is drawn to Anderson's comments on the Watchmaker. Seems like the Watchmaker will be a physical entity very much like the priests of 2112. "To think that every single facet of every life is regulated and directed from within! Our books, our music, our work and play are all looked after by the benevolent wisdom of the priests..." Maybe he'll be something like IT from A Wrinkle in Time and BU2B is just the fanatic, blind belief of the steampunk realm in this Big Brother character. Of course that still carries the anti-religion undertones, but the way I see it, seems to also weaken that particular message. Or maybe, like many others here, I'm just clinging to the hope that Neil will cover other topics in CA.

If TL;DR, I think the idea of a novelization is pretty damn cool and exciting.
#19 - Posted 2/11/12 @11:46PM by ITheJury [contact]

limelighter (#18), a waste indeed. Whatever you think of her music, she was a hell of a talent. I remember when her first album came out and how big it was.

Reminds us how lucky we are that our heroes have kept on the straight and narrow.
#18 - Posted 2/11/12 @10:09PM by limelighter [contact]

whitney houston passes away at 48. not surprised. cocaine will eventually do that to you. what a waste.
#17 - Posted 2/11/12 @9:45PM by mark one [contact]

sooo petielee what are you saying? that you dont like the book idea? that how it sounds to me.i could be wrong.
#16 - Posted 2/11/12 @12:45PM by III [contact]

Here we have the CA concept in its entirety!
Thanx, Ed!

#15 - Posted 2/11/12 @9:16AM by PetieLee [contact]

Thank you, Ed for the wonderful updates!

As much as I like Kevin J. Anderson's writing, I do not like the idea of any sort of novelization of the Clockwork Angels album. I have my opinion regarding this. I have a huge library of books at home, I am a Rhetorician and I read but I do not like the idea of this collaboration. On my Facebook page people were trying to tell me how wonderful the writing of Kevin J. Anderson's is (I actually have read his books) and that I would probably like this story because he was writing it but his writing NEVER was the issue. Call me closed minded (or whatever you choose, I don't care) but I don't like this novelization one bit but life goes on. I can use MY OWN imagination. Ed's blurb posts Kevin J. Anderson's comment, "Imagine if someone had written the novel of The Wall, Tommy or Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band when those classic albums were released." Yeah, when I listened to each of those albums I used MY OWN imagination and got more out of those albums more than any book could ever offer me. I don't like the idea nor need this novelization, as much as I like what Kevin J. Anderson writes, as much as I like what Neil Peart writes. That's just my two cents.

Sending well wishes to Lance, the Shred! My best healing thoughts and best wishes to you, my Rat Brother!

Love da Geddy! Miss da Geddy! ♥
#14 - Posted 2/10/12 @11:24PM by lapirata2 [contact]

I've read almost all of the Dune books that Anderson has co-written along with Herbert's son and enjoyed them very much so the idea of this collaboration is interesting for sure! Agree with Marty that the theme is something we've seen quite a bit from before but hey, everyone has a style. The "Watchmaker" thing sounds like a line straight out of "A Wrinkle in Time" and that is cool too.

Hope to see you New England folks at Mohegan if they come again this summer!

#13 - Posted 2/10/12 @7:59PM by ITheJury [contact]

Thank you Dave Navarro!

Being a critics darling, you know that Jane's Addiction is going to get inducted in the next couple of years. As Metallica did, he'll have the opportunity to speak up again there.
#12 - Posted 2/10/12 @5:41PM by JohnnyTRacer [contact]

I hope the tour works out to be an indoor (Rose Garden) stop when they come to Portland, OR......It has been a long while since I have seen Rush in an indoor setting. You just can't beat the power and overall production value in a closed environment!!!

Kudos to Dave Navarro for speaking up about Rush! Fun to watch :-)

#11 - Posted 2/10/12 @5:34PM by winstontizzer [contact]

Off topic i think but I just spent a glorious hour or so marvelling (that's the only adjective) at Taking Center Stage. I just have the most total respect and admiration for my drumming hero of all time! As a drummer devotee of more than 30 years i just take my hat and everything else to the man! God bless you Mr Peart because your talent is God given mate..incomparable
#10 - Posted 2/10/12 @5:31PM by mark one [contact]

NOW THATS AN UPDATE!! ed you better take a nap i love the book idea,
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