Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Rush Vapor Trails Remixed higher quality, 30-second sample clips
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Rush will finally be releasing the long-awaited remix/remaster of their 2002 album Vapor Trails this coming Monday, September 30th. The album will be made available for purchase individually on CD or Vinyl, or as part of a new Atlantic-era Rush box set which releases the next day on October 1st. A few weeks ago some low-quality, 30-second sample clips began appearing at some online retailers. Since then some much better quality clips have been posted, and the Rush Fan Film Project compiled all of these clips into one handy YouTube video which you can view below or at this location. For my latest poll I thought I'd ask everyone which song from Vapor Trails they are most looking forward to hearing (the full version of) on the new remix? Please take the poll and let us know if you haven't already. You can pre-order the Vapor Trails remix at this location, and the Atlantic-era The Studio Albums 1989-2007 box set here. You can also pre-order the double LP 180g vinyl version of Vapor Trails here.

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#63 - Posted 9/27/13 @2:45PM by MGRushFan

Lol, that's why I wrote mine. I thought yours sounded like yoda.
#62 - Posted 9/27/13 @9:06AM by jupeguyowensound [contact]

that's funny! when I wrote the last one I thought it sounds like Yoda.
#61 - Posted 9/27/13 @8:20AM by MGRushFan

Yoda says, "Back, bring Broon."
#60 - Posted 9/27/13 @7:25AM by jupeguyowensound [contact]

Broon back bring.
#59 - Posted 9/26/13 @11:57PM by big lou [contact]

I posted this on another board earlier:

"I picked up the album a couple hours ago -- 5 songs in. I was a little unprepared for how drastic it would be. The album still has balls - but the layers and separation are now so distinct. If you didn't enjoy the layers/overdubs before - this may not be for you.

I loved VT already and wasn't expecting my attitude to change much -- but this really takes it to another level."

I have been through the album once - didn't like a few bits but for the most part really enjoyed. Definitely a new view of VT. Will be replying for a while.
#58 - Posted 9/26/13 @7:30PM by MGRushFan

Bring Broon Back
#57 - Posted 9/26/13 @7:29PM by MGRushFan

#55 I agree. Bring Back Broon.
#56 - Posted 9/26/13 @2:10PM by hazlnut [contact]

Sounds good.
#55 - Posted 9/26/13 @1:19PM by Earwig3

Really looking forward to this, original version was less like Rush, more like Mush.

Will be nipping down to JG Windows in Newcastle to carry on a long established tradition of buying every Rush CD from there since 1988.
#54 - Posted 9/26/13 @10:17AM by jupeguyowensound [contact]

Bring back Broon!!

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