Thursday, October 25, 2012

Alex Lifeson talks Rock Hall, friendship and Rush's longevity in new Cleveland Plain Dealer interview
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Rush and the Rock HallIn the lead up to this coming Sunday's Rush show at the Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland, Alex Lifeson spoke with the Cleveland Plain Dealer's John Petkovic about Rush's recent Rock Hall nomination, his friendship with his bandmates and Rush's longevity. Alex reiterates some of his other recent comments regarding the band's nomination:

... "We're happy for the fans that supported us over the years," Lifeson said during a phone interview before a show in Philadelphia. "But honestly, it's never really mattered to us." ... "I like to think that we're normal guys who never got caught up in the trapping of the record industry," Lifeson said. "I married my first girlfriend, I do the dishes at home and we're all still buddies. "That's why the whole Rock Hall nomination isn't that big of a deal," he added. "We've always been under the radar and just done what we wanted." ...

You can read the entire interview at this location. For the first time ever the Rock Hall is offering the public a chance to participate in the induction process by creating an online fan poll that will count as one fan ballot towards the official vote on the ultimate list of inductees. As of this post, Rush still has a very comfortable lead in that poll with about 24.5% of the vote; Deep Purple is next with 17%. Voting ends on December 3rd when the fan ballot along with ballots from 600 or so rock historians, music industry insiders and past inductees will be counted up to determine the 5 or 6 inductees for inclusion in the 2013 class; the final announcement should be made shortly thereafter.

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#68 - Posted 10/26/12 @11:12AM by kjbird [contact]

I've had "Force 10" on the brain for the past 2 days constantly. A coincidence that i'm subconsciously comtemplating the Beaufort wind scale in light of all that's threatening the east coast?? Not sure, but all of you be safe "Look the storm in the eye"..... Hopefully it moves on to the Atlantic with no destruction.
#67 - Posted 10/26/12 @11:04AM by freewilly [contact]

(and here obviously, but I meant in `real life´)
#66 - Posted 10/26/12 @11:01AM by freewilly [contact]

I hardly ever meet fellow Rush fans, of any sex, at all. But I live in Holland... maybe that's why. Anyway, I WILL encounter them in June at the concert!
#65 - Posted 10/26/12 @10:57AM by lisah [contact]

Buffalo, open thread,lets go. Rush Rocks Buffalo tonight. 2 more days until cleveland. I hope the people in Buffalo show the boys a great time !The Caravan thunders onward.
#64 - Posted 10/26/12 @10:57AM by More Evil Twin of ByTor

I wonder what an F#7add4 chord sounds like on the accordian...
#63 - Posted 10/26/12 @10:55AM by bucklemyshoe [contact]

Drawn like moths we drift into the city

YYZ -----> BUF here we come !
#62 - Posted 10/26/12 @10:54AM by lisah [contact]

kjbird, thanks for the rush moms & daughters article, it was great to see the rush chicks coming ou of the proverbial closet. I hope the male fans don't get annoyed that they might be losing ground in the fanbase. I love it because we all know how much Lerxst loves the ladies! Maybe the thought of rush chicks worshipping at the altar might spur this Rush Caravan to continue the journey a little while longer. Anything we can do to keep it going as long as possible, is a winner in this Rush Fans life!
#61 - Posted 10/26/12 @10:52AM by kjbird [contact]

Thanks Ed :)

Clean slate all - what better way to start anew (fruits anew? xanadu) i digress...than to start a new thread. Buffalo - who-hoo!!
#60 - Posted 10/26/12 @10:44AM by jiminseattle [contact]

Sorry Dice.
#59 - Posted 10/26/12 @10:40AM by freewilly [contact]

Alex does not have a dishwasher? (possible of course, or he was speaking metaphorically)

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